Q&A Series Exploring SEO Agency: Client Relationship

Q&A Series Exploring SEO Agency: Client Relationship

The relationship an SEO Agency forges with its clients is a vital ingredient of successful SEO. It’s also key to the success of the agency itself and is an important factor in retaining clients and winning new clients through recommendation. The fortunes of the client & agency are intertwined and it’s essential that this relationship is carefully managed through its life-cycle.

Agency Q&A Series: Exploring the agency:client relationship

‘The Agency Q&A Series’ is a series of insightful interviews conducted with successful SEO’s, web designers and agency owners.

We examine the different stages of the agency:client relationship and how the interviewees manage their relationships from winning new clients through to retaining & up-selling them .

The objective of this series is to share the different approaches and tactics used by these agencies so that our customers & readers can learn from them and put them into practice to help grow their own businesses.

The 4 stages of the agency:client relationship

We will publish 4 interviews each month, with each month dedicated to a particular stage in the agency life-cycle.

  1. Winning new customers (February)
  2. The first steps – starting a new engagement (March)
  3. Building a close working relationship (April)
  4. Retaining & up-selling customers (May)

These articles will be published on the BrightLocal blog and will be linked to from this page.

The Interviewees

We would like to say a big (BIG) thank you to all the participants who have lent us their time & knowledge in taking part in this blog series. We appreciate you sharing your expertise and experience with us and our customers. Thank you!

Brian Childers of FoxxrBrian Childers of Foxxr

Brian is the CEO of Foxxr, a highly successful internet marketing company founded in Capitola, California in 2008 offering Web Design, Local Search / SEO and Live Local Workshops.


Laura Betterly from Yada Yada MarketingLaura Betterly from Yada Yada Marketing

Laura Betterly runs boutique marketing agency Yada Yada Marketing and is published by Ryan Deiss with her product for local marketers, Mobile Local Fusion. Her company is Google certified for PPC and she is also an excellent SEO ranking herself and clients for competitive terms.



Gary Donson - Destiny GroupGary Donson – Destiny Group

Gary is the Sales and SEO Director of Destiny Group, which specializes in Joomla Website Design, SEO and Social Media marketing. “Ongoing research and testing helps keep our clients ahead the curve!”



Daryl Quinlan - Glacial MultimediaDaryl Quinlan – Glacial Multimedia

Daryl is the Local Search Manager at Glacial Multimedia, medical marketing specialists. Glacial integrates a mix of new media marketing tools; medical website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, web video/audio production, website analytics, social media optimization and software development.


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Winning New Customers

Starting a New engagement

Building a close working relationship

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  1. great Q&A..love it..since I have a startup SEO agency in Maryland, love to hear tips and how-tos from Experts. Can’t wait to read April Q&A..

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