Google+ Local added to CitationBurst

Google+ Local added to CitationBurst

Great news – we now submit to Google+ Local!

We’re delighted to let you know that we’ve enhanced our CitationBurst service so that you can now submit & update Google+ Local listings as part of your CitationBurst campaigns.

Through CitationBurst we already submit to valuable local search services such as Bing Places & Yahoo Local, as well high authority citations including Yelp,, Foursquare, Manta, Angie’s List & hundreds more.Google+ Local added to CitationBurst

This latest update is part of our ongoing commitment to improving our range of local search tools & providing a valuable service to our customers.

Important things to note about Google+ Local submissions:

  1. New listings – we can create new listings & complete all steps up to final verification
  2. Existing, ‘unverified’ listings – we can update listings & complete all steps up to final verification
  3. Existing ‘verified’ listings – if you give us the account login details we can update verified Google+ Local listings.
  4. Verification – this happens by physical Postcard or Phone Call. We stop at this step and provide you with the details of how to request your postcard or call.
  5. Price – like all of our citation sites we charge $3* to create or update a Google+ Local listing; which is a darn sight cheaper than many other providers out there!

*Google+ Local needs to be selected as 1 of your chosen sites within a CitationBurst campaign. It can’t be selected as a single site on it’s own.

We have a number of other updates scheduled so keep an eye out of new developments coming your way.  And remember, you can keep an eye on the most recent updates on the BrightLocal change-log.

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4 thoughts on “Google+ Local added to CitationBurst”

    1. Hi Pam. We are able to handle creation of new Google+ Local listings & claiming of existing. We take both these scenarios up to the point of postcard/text verification and then handover to agency/business to complete.

      The only scenario that we don’t support is where a listing is already verified and we don’t have the necessary login details for that profile. If you provide us with the login details we do handle it.

      Can you give us 1-2 examples of your campaigns where this happened and we’ll look into ASAP. Best thing is to email us at and put to my Attention and i’ll dig into this with our submissions managers.

    1. Hi Ed. There is no official approval for G+ Local submissions. Anyone can submit a listing and anyone can claim an existing – as long you’re working on behalf of the actual business & have their approval. We held off adding Google+ to our list of citation sites that we use because it was more complex than standard citation sites and because many of our agency customers wanted to tackle it themselves, rather than give to a 3rd party – such is the value & significance of G+ Local.

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