7 More InsideLocal Webinars in 2015

7 More InsideLocal Webinars in 2015

We’re excited to announce 7 more FREE InsideLocal webinars coming your way in 2015.

InsideLocal expert webinarsWe hosted 8 advanced & insightful webinars between November 2014 – February 2015, and we can now confirm the dates, topics & panelists for the next run which takes us through to July 2015.

We have new 7 topics & over 18 awesome panelists joining us to share their unique tips & experiences.

Once again we’ve teamed up with the Local Search Forum to present & promote this series webinars. So a big thank you to Linda Buquet for her support, and also to Colan Nielson from Imprezzio Marketing for handling the webinar Q&A’s with unerring dedication.

We hope to see all of our regular attendees & also win some new fans in the coming months.

Upcoming Local Search Webinars

March 2015

11th March – Alternative Citation Strategies

  • Alternative Citation Strategies for Local SearchThe next webinar on the horizon is Alternative Citation Strategies on March 11th, when we are joined by Darren Shaw (Whitespark), Matthew Hunt (Powered by Search) & Damian Rollison (UBL) to give us their unique viewpoints on this important & ever-changing area of local search (image, right).

18th March – Effective Optimization for Multi-Location Businesses

  • Then just one week later (18th March) we take an in-depth look at Effective Optimization for Multi-Location Businesses, with Gib Olander (Sim Partners), Andrew Beckman (Location3) & Brian Anderson (Media Mash). What these 3 guys don’t know about Multi-Location marketing just isn’t worth knowing!

April 2015

22nd April – Social Strategies that Really Generate New Customers

  • We have two webinars at the end of April. On the April 22nd we’re excited to be joined by the vastly experienced trio of Dana DiTomaso (Kick Point), Chris Marentis (Surefire Social) & Cami Bird (LocalVox). With these 3 masters of Social we’ll deep dive into Social Strategies that Really Generate New Customers.

29th April – Making Reviews & Reputation Work for Local Businesses

May 2015

20th May – Understanding Mobile SERPs & User Behaviour

Mobile SERPs & User Behaviour

  • On May 20th we tackle a topic that is starting to dominate our local search lives – Understanding Mobile SERPs & User Behaviour. Our guest experts for this webinar are Max Minzer (ReEngage Consulting), Bill Hartzer (Globe Runner SEO) & Aaron Weiche (Spyder Trap) (image, right).

27th May – Best Tactics to Help You Rank Outside Your Local Area

  • A week after (May 27th) we are joined by the familiar faces of Andrew Shotland (Local SEO Guide) & Joy Hawkins (Imprezzio Marketing) who’ll help us make sense of the Best Tactics to Help You Rank Outside Your Local Area.

June 2015

17th June – Using Data to Power Local Marketing Success

  • We round up the current series of InsideLocal on June 17th by looking at Using Data to Power Local Marketing Success. For this detailed & critical topic we are joined by the peerless Bill Hartzer (Globe Runner SEO), Dana DiTomaso (Kick Point) & Wesley Young (Local Search Association).

Previous InsideLocal webinars

In the series so far, we’ve covered some important topics & been joined by some of the biggest & brightest names in local seo.

Mike Blumenthal, Phil Rozek, Andrew Shotland, David Mihm, Matthew Hunt, Greg Gifford, Casey Meraz, Susan Hallam, Joy Hawkins, Gyi Tsakalakis, Dev Basu, Mary Bowling, Adam Dorfman, Mike Ramsey, Dave Oremland & Don Campbell have all featured on InsideLocal since November 2014.

Take a look at just some of the big topics we’ve covered on InsideLocal in the last 3 months:


Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon Update

In late 2014 we discussed the impact of the Google Pigeon Update, looked closely at the Local Ranking Factors, and asked our panelists to divulge their advanced optimization tips for G+ Local.


The State of Local Search

The State of Local Search

In the New Year we invited Mike Blumenthal, Mike Ramsey & Adam Dorfman onto the State of Local Search 2015, where we took a closer look at the past, the present & the future of the local SEO industry.


Content Creation Ideas for Local Businesses

Content Creation Ideas for Local Businesses

In January and February we’ve looked at best practices for local onsite optimization, and discussed powerful content creation ideas for local business.



To view recordings from all previous webinars, head over to the InsideLocal page.

About InsideLocal Expert Webinars

This is the 2nd series of InsideLocal webinars that we have hosted. Again we have teamed with our friends at the Local Search Forum to deliver an exciting series of local search focused webinars. The objective of the ‘InsideLocal’ series is to bring together some of the brightest brains in Local Search to explore & debate the most important, topical & exciting areas of local search marketing.


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  1. Looking forward to Social Strategies that Really Generate New Customers webinar. Your guys have the best info I must of watched your video on google pigeon 100 times now. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Jim, that’s great – glad you find it useful. We’re looking forward to Social Strategies also – should be a good one with Dana, Chris & Cami!

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