Feature Update – NAP Audit Roll-out & Statuses Added to Citation Reports

Feature Update – NAP Audit Roll-out & Statuses Added to Citation Reports

We have released a number of new features into CitationTracker.

Extended NAP Audit to UK & Australia

In January we released NAP audit data for USA reports and now we’ve added this functionality for customers in the UK & Australia.

We’re also very close to releasing it for our friends in Canada – so hang in there!

As well as identifying Active & Potential citations, CitationTracker now audits the Name, Address & Phone Number data (NAP) on the most important citation sites.


NAP Data for Citation Sites

Find NAP issues for Top Citation Sites


NAP Data for Top Citation Sites

With the CitationTracker tool, you can find out where you do and don’t have citations on the most important citation sites. With the NAP audit on these reports, they become even more useful.

You can see which of the top 40-50 citation sites you are listed on and what NAP data they display for your business. We may extend this beyond the top citation sites soon, but we wanted to provide this data for the most valuable sites first.

There is no extra charge for NAP data – it’s included in existing packages.


Main Features of NAP Update

1. See NAP data from the top Citation sites – displayed under the ‘Top Citations’ tab








2. See pesky NAP discrepancies displayed in red font*

  • We compare NAP found on each site vs. what you enter on in report settings
NAP Problem

See incorrect NAP data in red


  • Note: currently we only show NAP issues on the Name, Zip/Postcode or Tel – not street address.

3. NAP data automatically refreshes each time your report runs, or you can refresh NAP data for a specific Citation as you want/need to.

Refresh NAP data when you need to

Refresh NAP data for all citations or just specific sites





4. Swap the listing used if we identified the wrong one or if you merged duplicates.

Swap or update Citation listing shown on Citation report







Add Citation Status & Flag up Issues

We have also added the functionality so you can set a Status for each citation, mark which issues need fixing and flag up if there are any duplicate listings on a site.

This makes it easy to keep track of which citations need to be worked on and what issues need to be tackled. This can be shared with your team, client or outsource citation builder to help focus their efforts.

Citation issues

Add ‘smiley’ to set status, flag up issues & add notes.

Add Citation Smileys

Of course, not all citation issues are NAP related. You may be unhappy with the lack of rich content displayed with your citation, or there may be other issues you want to address in the future. So now you can rate each citation with a satisfaction rating.


Set a status with a ‘Smiley’





Not happy with this citation? want to make a note to add some photos, or additional data to your citation? Simply click on the red unhappy face to add this status to your report.







Or perhaps you’ve recently made changes to this listing and are 100% satisfied with it? In that case, simply add a happy face smiley next to it which will display in your report.







More great updates coming soon

We want to make CitationTracker the best local citation tool on the market, so we’ve got plenty more features planned!

Now we’ve rolled out the NAP checker to UK & Australia, we’ll be soon adding it to Canada.

After that we have a host of new features that we’re working on….here’s a sneak preview –

  • Deeper citation search functionality (focus on Top Citation sites)
  • Duplicate Citation locator
  • Citation ‘Status’ (mini-feature)
  • CitationTracker rolled out to new countries – New Zealand, Ireland, France & Germany

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature and any suggestions for other features you’d like to see. Please let us know!

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  1. As a BASIC solution we need ADDRESS checker – and correction (along with name and phone) syndicated to ALL sites with one click…?

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