Introducing ‘Local Search Audit’ – Your Cleaner, Meaner Local Search Check Up Tool

Introducing ‘Local Search Audit’ – Your Cleaner, Meaner Local Search Check Up Tool

In our most recent customer-product survey we asked all customers which report they said they would use the most if it was improved and updated.

The #1 answer was: Local SEO Check Up

We asked. We listened. And now we’ve delivered!

We have released a major redesign and overhaul of the Local SEO Check Up, and even updated its name to ‘Local Search Audit’.

Here’s a rundown of the new and improved features in Local Search Audit and also a glimpse into what’s coming down the pipe from the BrightLocal development team.

Polished, professional design

The whole report has been redesigned to make it easier to read and navigate. The top-level summary provides a color-coded guide to SEO performance and provides jump-links to the report sections below.

Each section is color-coded so you can quickly see which areas of your local strategy need most attention. We’ve also removed a lot of ‘noise’ from the report, helping you to make quick conclusions from the most important data points.

Re-engineered Data-Gathering Engine

Behind the scenes, we’ve completely overhauled the engine that gathers and analyzes the data. It’s faster, more reliable and more extensive than before so we can deliver reports that your sales and SEO teams will love and rely on.

On-Site Audit covering Organic, Local and Mobile Signals

Onsite Search Audit

Many customers told us that they want a more complete on-site audit, and that’s what we’ve delivered.

We now analyze the top 200 pages on your site (increased from 100), providing valuable insights on the code and content so you can see what’s holding back your organic, local and mobile search rankings.

New data points analyzed:

  • Critical page errors
  • Links and link errors
  • SSL vs non-SSL
  • Open Graph and Twitter tags
  • Word count and analysis
  • (structured data) analysis
  • Page load speed
  • Mobile page load speed
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile-friendly analysis
  • Tablet and mobile rendering

Detailed Reviews and Ratings Section

Local Search Audit Animation

We have also added a new ‘Reviews and Ratings’ section that analyzes your reputation on the most powerful review sites. Now you can quickly see your current review count, average star rating and latest 10 reviews on the sites that really matter to local consumers.

Find and fix site errors with color-coded Appendix

Local Search Audit Appendix animation

The expanded Appendix section is color-coded so you can easily see the errors on your site.

Use the appendix navigation to filter pages by error type and quickly zone in on the pages that you need to fix. You can also spot which pages have a low word count so you can add more content to boost their search rankings.

How to update old-style Local SEO Check Up reports

Because we have entirely rebuilt the data-gathering mechanism for the new Local Search Audit report, old-style ‘Check Up’ reports will need to be re-run for them to inherit the new designs and features.

We’ve made it free for you to do this; when you re-run an old report we won’t deduct any credits from your account. Of course, new reports and further re-runs will use up credits (1 per run).

Note: New Reports Can’t be Edited

Old-style Check Up reports had an in-line editing feature that made it possible for users to edit the content and data in the report.

We tried to find a way to make this feature possible in the new reports, but due to the extensive updates it just wasn’t possible to do. We’re sorry if this was a feature you enjoyed, but hope you’ll find plenty to love about the new Local Search Audit reports. If you have a BrightLocal account already, you can access the new Local Search Audit here.

Development Pipeline Sneak Peek

Here are just a few of the projects we’re working on behind the scenes:

  • Location Dashboard Summary page
  • ReviewFlow tool update
  • A review generation tool
  • A lead generation tool

Lots to look forward to as we approach 2018!

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14 thoughts on “Introducing ‘Local Search Audit’ – Your Cleaner, Meaner Local Search Check Up Tool”

    1. Hi, glad you like the look of it and hope it’s useful for you. Plenty of evolution in the pipeline, so watch this space!


  1. Hi Guys

    Your Local SEO Tool looks awesome. This might be just the tool I need, so I’ll signup for your free 14 day trial. I really consider to be your next customer for your tool and for Citations Building.


    1. Hi Albert,

      Thanks for your comment. Hoping you enjoy using BrightLocal. Please get in touch if you have any questions about the service at all.


    1. Hi Michael,

      Matt here from BrightLocal, thanks for commenting on the blog. Really sorry we don’t currently cover Austria – you look like the kind of SEO professional we love to work with!

      Our Citation Management service is currently available in the following European Countries.

      United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany & The Netherlands.

      Local Search Reporting (in Europe) is available in

      United Kingdom and Ireland.

      I’d love to be able to give you a clear timeline for when all tools and services will be active in Austria, but we just don’t know yet.

      We’ll be sure to reach out to you as soon as we launch coverage for Austria.

      Thanks again for reaching out.


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