NEW: Own Your Results With Detailed White-label Report Emails

NEW: Own Your Results With Detailed White-label Report Emails

We all know the importance of regular, up-to-the-minute report notifications. SEOs don’t have time to check reports every single day, which is why BrightLocal has the option to set up regular report emails.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of new report emails, which boast a host of new features, including:

  • UPDATED DESIGNS: Wow your clients with our slick new email designs, which look great on any device.
  • IMPROVED WHITE-LABELING OPTIONS: Truly own the success you report to clients with modifiable white-label emails. Add your own branded headers, footers, logo, and signature to showcase your work in style.
  • SUMMARY CHARTS: No more logging in to check latest results. Instantly assess site performance with the inclusion of easy-to-read charts showing key data at a glance.
  • SEND AUTOMATED REPORT EMAILS TO CLIENTS FROM YOUR OWN DOMAIN: Impress your clients and make your business the email sender by setting emails up to come from your own domain. We were never here!
  • OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE: Trust that recipients can quickly see results wherever they are, with emails fully optimized for mobile devices and email apps.

What do I need to do to get access to the new designs and features?

Absolutely nothing, your new emails we be updated automatically. If you haven’t set up your white label profile yet you can do that here in your BrightLocal account.

If you want to start sending the emails to clients from your own domain here’s a short video explaining how to set up this up in your account.

Check Out Our New Email Designs

Rank Tracking Report Summary Email

(click to enlarge)


Citation Tracking Report Summary Email

(click to enlarge)


Local SEO Audit Report Summary Email

(click to enlarge)

Google My Business Audit Report Summary Email

(click to enlarge)


Review Tracking Report Summary Email

(click to enlarge)


We hope you and your clients find these new, updated report emails more useful, easier to read, and instantly actionable.


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4 thoughts on “NEW: Own Your Results With Detailed White-label Report Emails”

    1. Hi Neil,

      That’s a good question. You can’t group multiple report emails together but there is a workaround here.

      Create a white label dashboard (video link on how to set up -> see 2:00

      Once you create this, the data in the reports will update automatically but the URL stays the same so you can leave this URL with your customer or send manually. Unfortunateley there’s not a way to automatically send the URL to your client every month through BrightLocal.

      Hope that answers your question.



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