NEW TOOL: LeadGen Widget for SEO Agencies and Freelancers

NEW TOOL: LeadGen Widget for SEO Agencies and Freelancers

Since our launch in 2009, over 20,000 SEO agencies and freelancers have used BrightLocal to wow clients with their performance improvements via clean, professional reports.

We love helping SEO agencies and professionals improve the way they work, and now we’ve gone one step further to help them win new clients and grow their businesses faster!

Introducing: Agency LeadGen Widget

I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of a powerful new tool from BrightLocal, which will help SEO companies to win more clients – we call it the LeadGen Widget.

By embedding a customized LeadGen Widget on their site, SEO agencies and freelancers can wow potential clients with a detailed, professional and free SEO audit report. This deepens engagement with site visitors and increases their visit-lead conversion rate.

The widget automatically captures valuable contact details and alerts the agency so they can follow up with the lead and demonstrate how they can solve the SEO issues shown in their audit report.

Check out some live examples of the LeadGen Widget here (scroll down the examples page to see the widget in action).

This new tool is available to all customers on our Multi Business and SEO Pro plans, and for our Enterprise customers.

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LeadGen Widget Overview Video


Customizable, Configurable, and Contact Friendly

LeadGen Widget Screenshot


Key features include:

  • Customizable design to match your agency branding and site design
  • Responsive size so you can place the widget in any part of your site
  • Google Places integration which makes requesting reports easy for your leads
  • In-built contact form that captures contact details for every lead
  • Configurable audit report so reports can cover the areas you specialize in
  • Email notifications so you never miss a lead and can follow up immediately

Location Dashboard Summary and LeadGen Widget Product Demo

We’re really pleased with how these new features have turned out, so I wanted to take some time to go over some of the key points of the Location Dashboard Summary and LeadGen Widget, and run through how to use them, in the form of a webinar which you can view below. Head to 00:13:06 to start hearing about the LeadGen Widget.

6 Simple Steps to Capture New Leads

  1. Customize design and text of your LeadGen Widget (see more below)
  2. Select which contact details you want to collect
  3. Choose the sections you want to include in your audit reports
  4. Grab widget code and place it on your site
  5. See all your leads in your BrightLocal account (see more below)
  6. Follow up and convert your new leads into customers

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If you want to learn more about how how the LeadGen Widget works then please checkout our LeadGen Widget FAQs page for more information.

See how easy it is to customize your LeadGen Widget

Stay on-brand and provide a seamless on-site experience with a range of text, color, and style options.

BrightLocal LeadGen Widget Customization Settings

See the lead management process in action

Take a look at how easily you can view and manage your leads through BrightLocal’s new Leads section

LeadGen widget leads overview


I’m a BrightLocal customer. How much extra is this going to cost me?

It costs nothing to create and embed the LeadGen Widget. Each report requested by a prospect uses one of your Local Search Audit credits. If you need a reminder of how many credits are included within your subscription, check out our Plans page here.

We’re just getting started!

We know how important it is for agencies to have a steady supply of new leads to keep their businesses growing. The LeadGen Widget is just the first in a raft of new BrightLocal tools in the pipeline that’ll help you build your marketing agency or consultancy’s online visibility and attract new business. Watch this space!

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16 thoughts on “NEW TOOL: LeadGen Widget for SEO Agencies and Freelancers”

    1. Hi Mike, great to hear! Yes, leads are very nice indeed! 🙂

      Hope you manage to capture many more with the LeadGen Widget.



  1. Hi, can you share the list of review websites that you monitor and will appear on this lead gen tool? We work with physicians, so I’m interested in sites like Healthgrades, RateMDs, WebMD and Vitals. Thanks!

    1. Hi Keith, you’ll be able to monitor reviews from medical sites such as Healthgrades, Droogle, RateMDs, WebMD, Vitals, Zocdoc, and Wellness.



    1. Hi Nick,

      That is an interesting feature request, we don’t currently have this feature on launch but it may be something we look to add in the future if there’s a big demand from customers. Please can you do me a favour and add this to the feature request page as it’s a good one (I would do this myself but its good to know who has requested it) Link here:

      Many thanks,


      1. Agree. This is a top priority for us as well. It’s difficult to understand a campaign, landing page, etc., effectiveness without a way to tracking conversions.

  2. This is a great addition only if the price per report was way less. Any free tool that goes on your website is subject to bots, competition, etc that could cost a company hundreds based on the current pricing. Might be better to adjust the way this is charged to not be such a hard cost for growing agencies.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. You have raised a good point here which is why we limit IP addresses to make sure that only two reports can be run from one IP. Its quite difficult for bots to complete this form due to the way we pull in the data from googles API. Roughly speaking the widget works out at about $2 per lead, we have worked hard to keep this as low as possible. I’m sorry to hear this price point doesn’t work for you. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions, you can contact me at and happy to have a chat with you to see if we can help.

      Many thanks,


    1. Hey Team Rankify,

      Thanks for reaching out, at the moment we do not have any immediate plans to roll the tool out in the Netherlands. Really sorry about that every time we launch in a new country we will update our blog so please watch this space.

      Many thanks,

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