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We are constantly updating and improving our SEO tools. Read about our latest updates and improvements in our 'change log'.


CitationBurst now live in 6 new countries

We’ve updated the CitationBurst tool to release it in 6 new countries; South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany and the Netherlands.

With this expansion, CitationBurst can now be use in a total of 10 countries worldwide, which are:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Netherlands (Holland)
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland

Read more about this update on our blog.

Tool/Service:All Tools / Admin

New design changes to BrightLocal

We have begun rolling out a series of design updates to BrightLocal. Today we released the first of these, which is a re-skin of the admin / tool section.

You’ll notice that once you log into BrightLocal, the look of the site will have changed. This update affects the styles across the whole site, including font size, colors & button styles.

As well as design changes we are working on a number of exciting new features & platform updates, including an updated design for each of our local SEO tools.

We will keep you updated in the coming weeks & months, as more of these design changes are released, making our tools even more useful and enjoyable to use.



Tool/Service:Local Search Rank Checker

SERP Screenshots for Local Ranking Reports

We’ve added screenshot functionality to the Local Search Rank Checker.

With this new feature you can view a screenshot from the search engine results page that determines your rankings.

To activate this feature, simply click on the ‘photo icon’ on the Local Search Rank Checker page (located above ‘New Ranking Report’, then select the search engines that you want to grab screenshots for.

One you’re viewing your local ranking report, you can then click on your local ranking position to view more info. From here, you are able to:

  • ‘View Search Results Page’
  • ‘View Landing Page’
  • ‘View Serp Screenshot

We save your screenshots for 45 days before deleting them.

You can read more about this update on our blog. Alternatively, simply log-in to try out this new feature now.


CitationTracker now available in New Zealand

CitationTracker is now available to users in New Zealand.

We’ve been working on furthering CitationTracker’s reach across the globe, and New Zealand is the first in the line of a whole host of new countries planned; including Ireland, France & Germany.

Please note, New Zealand reports don’t currently include NAP audit but they will do soon.

Read more on this update

Tool/Service:Local Search Rank Checker

Track Sub-Rankings Within Local Results

We’ve completed the roll out of another update to the Local Search Rank Checker tool. Within your local search ranking reports we now display the sub-rank for both carousel and local pack results.

The sub-rank refers to your position within the local pack or carousel, as well the overall ranking position on the page. This update gives you a much broader overview of where you are ranking in both organic & local results.

In your updated ranking reports we still label your overall SERP position as a numeric value (eg. 1-10), but with the new feature, we identify results within a carousel or local pack with a letter (eg. A-E).

Read more about this update


Track Facebook & TripAdvisor Reviews with ReviewFlow


You can now track & report online customer reviews from both Facebook & TripAdvisor with ReviewFlow.
In a major update to our review tracking tool, we’ve added functionality to find & monitor reviews on both sites as part of our commitment to making the best local SEO & reputation management tools on the market.

Key things to note:

  • ReviewFlow now tracks Facebook & TripAdvisor, as well as 16 other review sites
  • If you have existing ReviewFlow reports, then you will need to amend the settings in order to start tracking Facebook & TripAdvisor
  • If you are setting up a new ReviewFlow report, then there are no further actions required!

Check out our blog post for the full details on this update


Add Citation Status & Flag up Issues


We have added the functionality to set a Status for each citation, mark which issues need fixing and flag up if there are any duplicate listings on a site.

Key things to note:

  • Give a citation a status using a “Smiley, this makes it easy to keep track of which citations need to be worked on and what issues need to be tackled. This can be shared with your team, client or outsource citation builder to help focus their efforts.

Check out our blog post for details on how to start using this feature.


NAP data added to the Top Citations tab for UK and Australian reports


In January we released NAP audit data for USA reports and now we’ve added this functionality for customers in the UK & Australia.

We’re also very close to releasing it for our friends in Canada – so hang in there!

Key things to note:

  • We now grab and display NAP data for top 50 citation sites and display this on the “Top Citations” tab on your report.
  • If Name, Zipcode & Phone Number don’t match your report settings, these are considered incorrect and displayed in red font so they are easy for you to spot so you can update them.

Check out our blog post for details on how to start using this feature.

Tool/Service:White-Label Reporting

New White-label email solution released


We’re excited to announce the release of a new solution which makes it easy for you to white-label email alerts and send them direct to your clients.

Key things to note:

  • Simplified white-label email system
  • Email alerts easy to brand with your logo & colors
  • Remove all BrightLocal branding & colors
  • Emails sent from generic domain – ‘Local Marketing Reports’
  • White-Label emails available to customers on Multi-Biz & SEO Pro Package
For details on how to set this up white-label emails, check out our blog post here.

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