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Local SEO: The Complete Guide

by Stephanie Newton

If you’ve stumbled upon this page asking yourself “what is local SEO?” or want to know more about search engine optimization for local business, then congrats! You’re in the right ...

December 9th, 2020
10 Chapters

Local Consumer Review Survey 2020

by Rosie Murphy

Every year, the Local Consumer Review Survey explores the ways in which local business customers use online reviews to choose, trust, and understand businesses offering services in their area. Since ...

December 9th, 2020
18 min read

Local SEO Ranking Factors 2020

by Rosie Murphy

Ranking for local searches requires focus on a combination of different local SEO ranking factors. With Google’s local algorithm relying on so many different signals, it can be hard to ...

September 22nd, 2020
11 min read

What Is Reputation Management?

by Jamie Pitman

Please Note: In November 2021, Google retired the name ‘Google My Business’ and now uses ‘Google Business Profile’ to refer to the profile searchers see and ‘Google Business Profile Manager’ ...

September 4th, 2020
14 min read