6 Essentials of Google+ Local Wizard

1. Analyze your Google+ Local profile

Your Google+ Local Wizard ('Wizard') report extracts data from your Google+ Local profile (e.g. reviews, score, categories, 'owner verified') and supplements it with extra, valuable information such as Citation count and Inbound Link count.

We recently added 'Citation Authority' scores to reports. This enables you to quickly compare the quality of your citations vs. competitors.

2. Side-by-side competitor comparison

Each report identifies the top 10 Google+ Local profiles for a specific search term. It displays profile data in an interactive table making it easy to compare your business against your competitors. We highlight the top 'values' for each Local SEO signal so you know exactly where you stand and what you need to achieve to hit top stop.

BrightLocal is one of the best internet marketing tools out there. We have been using the Local Search Rank Checker for about a year now. It is fast, accurate, and produces excellent reports.

Colan Nielson
Team Manager Imprezzio Marketing

CitationBurst is my favorite tool. It's allowed us to scale our Local SEO business without hiring the amount of workers it would take to do citations for every client.

Chris Gregory
Managing Partner Dagmar Marketing

3. Quickly identify the best categories

Each report contains a summary table listing the 5 most common categories used by your top 10 competitors. We rank them by frequency of use and determine if you already use them on your Google+ Local profile.

4. Citation matrix

We display your citations side-by-side with top 10 competitors. See which sites they're listed on but you're not.

Pinpoint high value citations you're missing and see how your competitors are using them so you can also use them to their best effect!

Did you know that sites like youtube, answers.com & myspace can yield high power citations?

5. NAP comparison & other factors...

We compare your NAP (business name, address & phone number) on your Google+ local listing vs. your actual address and alert you to any differences. 

We also report on other important local search ranking factors:

  • Is phone number a local number?
  • Do you use you city name & state in website page titles?

6. Find unclaimed Google+ profiles

Identify unclaimed/unverified profiles and see how they compare to top competitors. You can export all results to CSV for deeper analysis and to build up a target list of potential new customers.