How a Digital Marketing Agency gained more control, improved quality, and saved $167,500 on citation management

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About Staylisted

Local SEO agency Staylisted was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2013. The B2B marketing agency works with small business owners, most of which are in ‘blue-collar’ industries, such as contractors, plumbers, and electricians.

Customer Service is a big focus for Staylisted, with availability being Priority Number One. They also firmly believe in educating their clients as much as possible, as the best clients are knowledgeable ones. Also, as Staylisted specialize in ‘blue-collar’ clients, they have a very detailed understanding of this business type, enabling them to deliver results that agencies with broader briefs might not be able to.

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Having worked with over 9,000 different clients since their inception, Staylisted create Google My Business listings, websites, and citations for their clients, and regularly report on their performance to help business owners achieve more visibility online.
Staylisted Team
I don't know how we ever got by without BrightLocal's citation service. We get high-quality citations built quickly with interactive reports that clients understand. Now, we're not only saving time and money for our agency, but we're offering a superior product to our clients.
Sergio Salazar, CEO, Staylisted

The Challenge

Previously, Staylisted were using a different local search platform, which they found far too expensive. They also soon found that when they stopped paying, the data disappeared and all citation work was lost. This was not good for agency or client. Another pain point was the platform’s ‘power listings’ feature, which didn’t allow for edits, something Staylisted Customer Service Manager Sarah Nelson describes as “awful”.

Following this, Staylisted then tried outsourcing citation building to a contractor in India. Here, Sarah says that she discovered many serious issues with quality and speed, and so began looking into alternatives. That’s when she came across BrightLocal.

The Solution

Using Citation Builder (BrightLocal’s citation service offering accurate citation building, manual citation clean-up, and local data aggregator distribution), Staylisted can now ensure the speed and quality of citation delivery. Sarah says they are now “much better than they were before”. Now they have more control and oversight of citations, not to mention the ability to edit them.

Something Sarah particularly loves is that BrightLocal checks the citation data in the first round of Quality Assurance; if anything doesn’t look right, Staylisted are notified and changes can be made before the data is published. This is particularly important so with many clients and so many locations to manage. Gone are the days of waiting months to make citation edits.

On top of citation building and tracking, Staylisted love using BrightLocal’s Google My Business Audit. With this, they can now provide their clients with a long-term view of their GMB performance, which Sarah says “can really show a client how reviews or other elements have increased or improved.”

The Results

  • More accurate, efficient and editable business listings.
  • Based on just 500 accounts, Staylisted make a massive saving of $167,500 on citation management, compared to the previous citation platform.
  • Staylisted spend 5 minutes completing a form for a full citation campaign, rather than 5 minutes per listing. For 2,000 clients, that’s a lot of time saved!
  • Using BrightLocal has enabled Staylisted to show quality and improvement to clients, leading to higher client retention rates.
  • Citations Success Icon

    saved on citation management per year

  • Staylisted time saved

    saved per new client

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