Adventures in Local Marketing

A BrightLocal Podcast.

Episode 3 with Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso believes reporting doesn’t have to be so soul destroying! On this episode, we talked to Dana to learn why marketers have a bad relationship with reporting and what you can do to change that relationship.


Episode 2 with Jason Brown

We chatted with spam fighting expert, Jason Brown, about all the shady things that go down in local SEO. Learn about the tricks spammers are pulling, how Jason tackles spam, and why spam has real-world dangers way beyond manipulating rankings.


Episode 1 with Greg Gifford

In our first episode, we chatted with Greg Gifford about his journey through local marketing. Learn how Greg started out in SEO, what he’s learned along the way, and how he became one of the most popular speakers in digital marketing.

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‘Adventures in Local Marketing’ is the only podcast that tells the stories from the front line of local marketing.

BrightLocal’s Head of Marketing, Kristian Bannister, chats to industry experts and marketers who are living local marketing day in, day out—the people pushing it further and in new directions. Get inspired by their journeys, uncover new ways of thinking, and deepen your strategic knowledge.

No fluff. No unjustified hype. No gimmicks or ‘flash in the pan’ tactics.

Just great conversations with the brightest minds in local marketing.