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Marie Haynes

on Embracing Search’s AI Future, and Why We Should Be Excited

In this month’s bumper edition of Adventures in Local Marketing, Claire speaks to AI and search expert Dr Marie Haynes about all (and we mean all) things Google and AI. We cover how Google Gemini will underpin all of search going forward, dive into the Google API leaks, and take a detour to learn about a surprise meeting at Google I/O…

It’s the longest episode we’ve ever released and for good reason! It’s a meaty topic with plenty to chew on, so step inside Marie’s mind and get the most up-to-date insights on Google and AI today.

PLUS we’re going live with this episode on the same day as Marie’s brand-new book (and accompanying workbooks) ‘SEO in the Gemini Era – The Story of How AI Changed Google Search’. Check it out for yourself now.

Listen to Learn:

  • Why Marie thinks Google gave us the API leak data on purpose, and what we should and shouldn’t take away from it
  • Why and how Gemini goes beyond other large language models
  • Why SEOs shouldn’t be scared of the future of AI and SEO
  • What skills will still be important in the new age of AI and search
  • How the nature of search is changing, and how marketers can react to it
  • How to become resilient to changes, and actually benefit from them
  • A whole lot more, including how advancements in wearables and brain-computer interfaces will change the future

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