Local SEO for Good 2024 - September 12

Join us for a virtual conference, raising funds for global charities.

BrightLocal Stands in Solidarity

with the People of Ukraine

BrightLocal stands together, united with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, against the unprovoked, unjust, and sustained attack by Russian forces.
We are doing and will continue to do everything we can to support and protect our Ukrainian team members, their families, and their loved ones through these uncertain times.

BrightLocal 💙💛 Ukraine

We have been working with Ukrainian software engineers for almost as long as BrightLocal has existed. In that time we have had contributions from over 80 different Ukrainian team members. We have a strong kinship with Ukraine and its people and are devastated by Russia’s ongoing campaign of aggression.

BrightLocal in Ukraine

How We're Helping the People of Ukraine

Local SEO for Ukraine

In early 2022, BrightLocal held a fundraiser for Ukraine—a virtual event gathering the brightest minds in local SEO together for a one-day conference.

Through our fundraising efforts, and thanks to the generosity of the local SEO community, our families, and friends, we raised over $110k to buy medical supplies and aid for the people of Ukraine… and then we drove there to deliver it ourselves!

We're Raising and Donating Funds to Ukrainian Causes and Charities

raised through the Local SEO for Ukraine fundraiser conference
donated by BrightLocal to five charities on the anniversary of the war
donated by BrightLocal to 10 charities nominated by team members

Our Team in Ukraine


Four members of the BrightLocal team are actively fighting in the war. We pray every day for their safe return to their families, and for an end to this conflict.

Aid 2

Members of our Ukrainian team are doing what they can to raise money for the citizens and army of Ukraine, including through BrightLocal ‘Big Heart Award’ donations.


Our team members have worked hard to build things like camouflage nets to support the war effort and keep Ukrainian soldiers safe.

Volunteering 2

Team members close to the worst-hit parts of Ukraine have been volunteering in aid centers.

A Message from Our Ukrainian Team, One Year On…

How We're Supporting Our Team in Ukraine

Housing 2

As soon as we could, BrightLocal provided housing outside Ukraine for team members fleeing the invasion with their families.


Throughout the conflict, BrightLocal has supported Ukrainian team members and their families financially by continuing to pay salaries when they were unable to work.

Children In Housing

BrightLocal has bought heaters and battery packs to help keep the Ukrainian team keep their families warm through winter.

How You Can Help Support Ukraine

Prytula Foundation

Prytula Foundation



Save A Life





US Ukrainian Activists

Save Ukraine

Save Ukraine

Talent Foundation

Talent Foundation

Save Ukrainians

Save Ukrainians