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Build citations on key sites

Submit listings to all the main sites, as well as 40+ niche industry sites, in one go.

Clean up existing citations

Fix NAP inaccuracies in existing citations so there’s no misinformation to confuse search engines or customers.

Remove duplicate listings

Remove harmful duplicate listings that could be holding back SEO performance.

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"BrightLocal has allowed us to scale our agency without hiring the amount of people it would take to do citations for every client."

Chris Gregory
Partner, Dagmar Marketing

"Citation Builder saves our agency hours every month at a low cost. It works on all the important citation sites and the support team will fulfill all of your requests promptly."

Austin Lund
Local SEO Specialist, Big Leap

"I have used several different citation tools but BrightLocal is still at the top of my list, the citation building and tracking resources are perfection!"

William Chan
SEO Specialist, Inbound Law Marketing

Start your first campaign in five easy steps

  1. Set up a free account.
  2. Add your business information.
  3. Citation Builder will automatically scan the web to find existing citations and new opportunities.
  4. Select which listings that you want to fix, update, or create.
  5. Confirm and pay via credit card or PayPal.
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Supercharge your citations

As well as manual listings, you can also submit to data aggregators to widen your reach at a minimal cost. Data aggregators push your business information to 100s of business directories, mobile apps, and mapping services worldwide.

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Citation management at scale

If you’re a multi-location brand or agency that’s managing 20+ locations, we’ll set you up with a Campaign Manager to help manage your citation work.

We also offer a transition service if you’re currently with an API provider, such as Yext. This popular service allows you to take back control of your citations, and means you’ll no longer have to keep paying $1,000s every year to only rent (and not own) your listings.

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Don't just take our word for it...

Big Leap

Learn how Big Leap uses BrightLocal to effectively manage citations for 1,600 locations.


See how Staylisted saved over $67,000 on Citation Management by switching to BrightLocal.

Blue Corona

Discover how Blue Corona reduced their annual citation spend by 79%.

Citation Builder pricing

Manual citation submissions

Just $2 per site (with bulk discount).
Only $3 per site (without bulk discount).

Data Aggregator submissions

From just $15 per year.
All three aggregators $60 per year (8% saving).

Price comparison

Some services charge per site. Others bundle many sites together for a fixed fee.

# Sites
Bulk Discount
Recurring Cost
Bespoke Research
Moz Local
The Hoth
Aggregator Submissions
Data Axle
Moz Local
Advice Local

Get started building and fixing citations today!


How does BrightLocal differ to traditional citation services, such as Yext?

Other than data aggregator submissions, all our citations are made direct-to-site by our own in-house team of 80+ expert listing agents. Between them, they handle over 100,000 citation submissions for 1,500+ businesses every month.

Unlike traditional solutions, we don't:

  • Charge expensive, annual fees.
  • Hold your listings to ransom — we give you full ownership of every listing we build, we even give you the keys to them (well, the username and passwords at least).
  • Ignore duplicate listings and inaccuracies — as part of our service we offer a clean up of duplicate listings and remedy inaccuracies.
  • Offer a pre-packaged, 'one size fits all' solution — instead, we give you complete control of the sites where you are listed.
  • Miss important, niche, industry sites — we help you uncover the perfect sites for your business type.

To find out more about the differences between BrightLocal and other citation services, read our full citation competitor comparison article.

Which sites do you build citations on?

You have complete control to pick from any of the 1,000+ sites that we submit to. That said, we highly recommend you include the following power-players as part of your selection: Google My Business, Bing, Apple Maps, Facebook, Yelp, TomTom, and YellowPages.

For the rest of your selection, our Citation Builder tool helpfully orders the list of available citations for you by Domain Authority, so you can use this to guide your selection choice. It will also highlight any existing citations that require updating.

Get started

Which countries does Citation Builder work in?

Citation Builder works in 10 countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Netherlands (Holland)
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland

Which countries do local data aggregators work in?

  • Data Axle - US, Canada
  • Neustar - US
  • Foursquare - Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands (Holland), New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, UK, US
Do I need a BrightLocal subscription to use Citation Builder?


Citation Builder is a pay-as-you-go service that's available subscription-free. You only pay for the citations that you wish to build. You can go right ahead and set up a free account here.

What happens if I already have a BrightLocal subscription?

If you already have a BrightLocal subscription there is no need to set up a separate Citation Builder account. You will be able to access Citation Builder straight from your dashboard.

Are there really no recurring fees?

That's correct. Once you've built your listings through BrightLocal they are yours to keep — forever!

The only instances you might be required to pay additional fees are:

If you need to make changes to your business information
See 'What happens if I need to change details about a location'.

To renew Data Aggregators
Whilst it's not compulsory to do so, we do advise renewing Data Aggregators each year ($60/year for all three). If you choose not to, they go into an 'unmanaged' state, which means they could be susceptible to inaccurate data about your company being distributed throughout their networks.

Do I need to order data aggregators as well as manual listings?

There is no requirement to add data aggregators when placing an order, however, we do recommend doing so as it allows you to claim multiple key citations quickly and easily. This rapidly expands the reach of your listings across the local search ecosystem, reaching 1,000s of directories, mobile apps, and maps around the world, at a very low cost. The charge for all three aggregators is just $60.

For more information see our article 'What are Data Aggregators and how do they help local SEO article.

Am I required to renew Data Aggregators each year?
While it's not compulsory to do so, we do advise renewing Data Aggregators each year ($60 for all three). If you choose not to, they go into an 'unmanaged' state, which means they could be susceptible to inaccurate data about your company being distributed throughout these networks.

What is duplicate removal?

It's possible that over time multiple listings may have been created for your business.

Having duplicate listings can confuse search engines, hurt local rankings, and reduce the trust that consumers have in your business.

Traditional API solutions do not identify or fix these duplicate listings, and can also miss inaccuracies. For this reason, we strongly recommend when creating a citation campaign that you add duplicate removal to permanently fix any outstanding issues that may be present.

What happens if I need to change details about a location?

No problem.

Unlike traditional API solutions, we don't charge expensive recurring fees just to hold the door open for those rare times you might need to update a listing.

Instead, we charge a simple, one-off fee of $3 for each listing you need to update, and if the listing is managed through a current Data Aggregator subscription, there's no charge at all!

Are there any situations in which I'd be better off choosing a traditional API solution?

It's easiest to answer this with the following two questions:

  • Does your business move location each year?
  • Do you regularly make changes to your business information?

If you happened to answer 'yes' to either of those questions then it’s possible that Yext or a similar provider could be a good choice for you.

If you're a business that is regularly moving address or making changes to core business information, then a service that can push out these changes instantaneously (but charging expensive annual fees for the privilege) could well be a good option.

We can of course facilitate any changes or updates to your business data. See 'What happens if I need to change details about a location' for full details.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions that haven't been covered please take a look at our Help Center.

Alternatively, you can contact an expert from our friendly team who will be more than happy to offer any help and advice.

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