Citation Builder Testimonials

"We love that Brightlocal offers an easy way to track and manage local citations. It has provided us with so many important sites to get our clients listed on without the hassle of doing it manually. It has become an integral part in executing our local SEO campaigns successfully."
Tatiana Borisanova
SEO Specialist/Project Manager, 9thCO
"We love how this allows us to effectively bulk order citations across various data aggregators and listings. It takes out the hassle of having to do all of the work manually. Sure, there's a few things you'll have to do manually, but not having to do the bulk of it is a life saver. "
Anthony Abu-Hanna
Senior Account Manager, 3PRIME, LLC
"I like the fact that I can pick the citations I want based on my budget and your team helps do the rest. The one thing I like the most is that once the citation is created you give us access an ownership of that citation. Not many citation tools allow you to do that."
Michael Richmond
Owner, Orange SEO
"It takes so long to submit directories for hundreds of locations. Citation Builder saves us time by having professionals do the work with us."
Jake Byrnes
Director of Optimization, GeniusVets
"This is an easy-to-use method of adding citations for my client. The cost is reasonable—the execution is rapid and elegant."
Robert L Donnell
President, P5 Marketing, Inc.
"Citation Builder is an extremely valuable tool to help ensure consistent name and address information throughout the internet. With literally hundreds of different sites displaying our N&A information, it is imperative, from an SEO perspective, to have that data consistent. Citation Builder enables us to accomplish that goal."
Thomas D. Pollan
Marketing Lead, Shankle Law Firm
"The White Label reporting is terrific for local business directory websites submissions. The fact that you organize them by Domain Authority is the #1 reason I use BrightLocal for citation publications. Plus your reports provide a narrative regarding any issues, problems or pending publications. The bottom line is that your reports make my agency look more professional... BrightLocal always gets the job done right, I don't ever have to redo, fix or correct anything, it's always perfect."
Mark Collins
President, OnWebLocal
"This tools is turnkey for updating important local directories."
Christine Liedtke
SEO Marketing Manager, Amperage Marketing & Fundraising
"The BrightLocal Citation Builder is a fantastic and easy-to-use tool that we utilise on regular basis for our client base. We are able to build out subsequent numerous campaigns for each client that secures them a range of quality online citations for their business. The Citation Builder tool allows each of our team members to easily view the status of any current and completed campaigns, the specific site type, its authority score, update or submission date, along with the local data aggregator information all in a click of a button."
Emma Davis
Marketing Consultation, iOnline
"I use the BrightLocal tool to track our business citations. It's a great tool to see where we are being cited or mentioned across the Internet."
Jeff Blackwell
Owner / Attorney, Blackwell Law Firm
"Before engaging BrightLocal, I tried to do this myself. It took a lot of time & I continually hit dead ends. It turned out to make a lot more sense to hire BrightLocal to do this. They know the ropes, save me time & frustration. Plus their pricing is very reasonable."
Jeff Lefton
VP, Digital Marketing, Psychological Associates
"It makes citation building as simple and concise as possible, frees up a lot of our time as once we've submitted the citation, we can rely on BrightLocal to get the listings done."
Harry Lewin
Digital Managers, Success Local Limited
"Citation Builder has been a valuable tool for my clients. It is essential for new business startups that need to make themselves known in the local market quickly. It's also quite useful for updates to business details."
Dave Bishop
Owner/Webmaster, Eco Web Design
"BrightLocal is a citation builder that we use to help our clients get their businesses listed on online directories. It's a great tool because it's easy to use and it has a lot of features that help you optimize your listing. For example, you can track your progress over time so you can see how your citations are improving. "
Eric Caldwell
CEO/Founder, WebJIVE
"This tool is soo easy to use and helps me build a citation campaign with a couple clicks."
Tony Brown
Marketing Director, Strategic Media Inc.
"Where do I start. It's a MUST tool. I have the ability to track my high DA citation options and seamlessly find NAP issues."
Kristi Feathers
Marketing Director, Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP
"Getting citations can be difficult and time consuming. The Citation Builder helped alleviate these problems."
Matthew Trapani
Attorney, Trapani Law Firm
"Citation Builder creates a lot of citations for us. This helps our clients appear on more websites which gives them more visibility across the web."
Corey Krupa
Account Manager, Donovan Digital Solutions