Local SEO Webinars

Insightful, expert webinars devoted to local search


An advanced webinar series for local search professionals.

We deep-dive into a different topic each webinar and invite a panel of local search experts to share their knowledge and debate their viewpoints.


Some of the biggest, baddest names in local search.

We have two or three knowledgeable local experts join us for each webinar. We handpick the panelists for each event so we have a different group of subject matter specialists for each webinar.


As often as we can!

Our webinars typically run on a Wednesday at 11am ET. Sign up for updates below to avoid missing out!

How much?

All webinars are 100% free.

We know it’s time-consuming and expensive to attend search conferences, so we bring the very best speakers to you and you don’t have to spend a cent or leave the comfort of your home or office.

Previous Webinars

Local Seo For Ukraine Blog Header 2

Local SEO for Ukraine – LIVE

by Jenny Bernarde

On May 25, 2022, BrightLocal brought together the greatest minds in local SEO for a full day of info-packed talks, Q&As, and panels on a variety of local marketing topics. ...

May 25th, 2022
1 day live event
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Past Speakers

Picture of: Joy Hawkins
Joy Hawkins


Picture of: Greg Gifford
Greg Gifford


Picture of: Claire Carlile
Claire Carlile

BrightLocal / Claire Carlile Marketing

Picture of: Mike Blumenthal
Mike Blumenthal


Picture of: Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher

Steady Demand

Picture of: Amanda Jordan
Amanda Jordan


Picture of: David Mihm
David Mihm


Picture of: Krystal Taing
Krystal Taing


Picture of: Andrew Shotland
Andrew Shotland

Local SEO Guide

Picture of: Gyi Tsakalakis
Gyi Tsakalakis


Picture of: Liz Linder
Liz Linder

Kick Point

Picture of: Jason Brown
Jason Brown

Over the Top Marketing

Picture of: Tom Waddington
Tom Waddington


Picture of: Colan Nielsen
Colan Nielsen

Sterling Sky

Picture of: Dan Leibson
Dan Leibson

Local SEO Guide

Picture of: Dana DiTomaso
Dana DiTomaso

Kick Point

Picture of: Joel Headley
Joel Headley


Picture of: Martha van Berkel
Martha van Berkel


Picture of: Matt Lacuesta
Matt Lacuesta

Milestone Inc

Picture of: Garrett Sussman
Garrett Sussman


Picture of: Cori Graft
Cori Graft

Seer Interactive

Picture of: Darren Shaw
Darren Shaw


Picture of: Dev Basu
Dev Basu

Powered by Search

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Carrie Hill

Sterling Sky

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Aaron Weiche


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Damian Rollison


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Blake Denman