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The easiest way to get more reviews

76% of customers* will leave a review if asked. Get Reviews gives you more ways to ask.

Reach your customers anywhere, at any time

Printed materials

"We helped generate $88,000 for a client with online reviews using Reputation Manager!"

Crystal Horton
Marketing Consultant
Accelerate Marketing

9.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot

Boost reviews on the sites that matter

Not enough TripAdvisor reviews? Low star rating on Google?

Now you can handpick whichever sites you want your customers to leave reviews on.

Personalize to fit your brand

Our templates and landing pages are fully customizable. Add your logo and adapt the colors and text to reflect your brand and tone of voice.

Customize your reviews page to fit your brand(s)

Launch email campaigns in just a few clicks

Reach your customers’ inboxes in seconds. Simply select a template, import your contacts, and hit ‘send’.

Scaling up review generation really can be that simple.

Unlock 98% open rates with SMS

Reach your customers every time with SMS Mode. 98% open rates** and mobile-friendly landing pages – the perfect recipe for increased review rates.

Capture feedback in-store

Strike while the iron is hot. With Kiosk Mode, you can encourage customers to leave feedback in-store via terminals and tablets.

Get reviews wherever you can drop a link

With Link Mode, you can generate a custom link to use anywhere… and we mean anywhere.

Add it to email signatures. Use it in printed marketing materials. Share it via live chat. The possibilities are endless.

Use feedback to improve your business

More reviews are great, but let’s not underestimate the value of learning from each customer’s experience.

Every response will include valuable feedback, so you can uncover issues and respond quickly.

Measure and improve campaign performance

Track campaign performance in detail – from open and response rates to your average star rating – and apply your learnings to your next campaigns.

Manage customer feedback in one place
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