How a full-service Digital Marketing Agency uses BrightLocal to effectively manage citations for 1,600 client locations

Big Leap
of SMB client base serviced with BrightLocal
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Around 75% of clients are Utah-based, reflecting the agency’s local focus, with the rest spread across the USA. While most of the clients have a state in common, the industries they work with range from technology and SaaS to local businesses, builders, and so on.

About Big Leap

Big Leap is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Lehi, Utah, that works directly with clients and also with partner agencies on white-labeled services.

This growing business employs 55 staff to service over 200 clients, implementing SEO tactics to help increase traffic, developing and promoting content, managing social media, and ensuring their clients have the best possible online reputations. Big Leap’s employee base includes a team of in-house analysts and managers that help to update client websites, improving what clients already have as part of their SEO work.

As every client is different, Big Leap customizes individually tailored plans and develops personal roadmaps according to each client’s specific business needs.

Through our partnership with BrightLocal, we have been able to provide our clients with a better and more scalable local SEO solution. Their services help us give our clients high quality citations and business listings with fast turnaround times.
Jessi Duffin, Director of Operations, Big Leap

The Challenge

Previously, Big Leap was manually managing its clients’ business listings, which took a lot of time and money to get right. The ability to do this work at scale was also an issue.

They soon realized their need for a time and cost effective solution for local SEO and citations, which is when they discovered BrightLocal’s suite of tools.

The Solution

At first, Big Leap used Citation Builder (BrightLocal’s citation service offering accurate citation building, manual citation clean-up, and local data aggregator distribution) for its SMB clients, which it found to be simple, cost-effective, and accurate. So much so that it now uses the service for 80% of its SMB client base.

Using Citation Tracker, Big Leap can now easily identify and update incorrect or inconsistent business listings, too; an important element in developing trust in its clients’ local businesses.

BrightLocal Tools Used

The Results

“BrightLocal has provided us with a scalable and efficient solution for SMB clients, allowing us to incorporate building citations and business listings into many of our local SEO clients strategies,” says Big Leap’s Director of Operations, Jessi Duffin.

Using BrightLocal tools, Big Leap has been able to achieve consistent rankings for local clients, and the ability to build top citations has “helped significantly”. It can now provide “accurate, reliable, and relevant business listings” to their clients in a “timely and professional manner”.

With BrightLocal, Big Leap has certainly addressed its issue with scalability. To date, it has utilized BrightLocal’s services for over 1,600 individual client locations for citation tracking, audits, and building listings.

Jessi tells us that it used to take an hour to build 10 citations for a single location. For Big Leap’s clients to date, this would have taken over 1,500 hours without BrightLocal!

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