6 Essentials of Citation Tracker

1. Find & Track your Active Citations

We hunt through Google to identify which directories & sites your business exists on and return a full list of websites with links straight to your Citation on each site. We call these your Active Citations.

We identify your active citations using a combination of business name, zipcode & phone number.

2. Visualize your Citation Growth

Use our clear & interactive charts to visualize the growth in your citations with. See instantly how many new citations you have from 1 report to the next and see the impact your citation campaigns are having.

BrightLocal has some amazing tools. We use them to help land clients as well as to streamline our Local SEO efforts. I highly recommend them.

Laura Betterly
Laura Betterly Yada Yada Marketing

CitationBurst is my favorite tool. It's allowed us to scale our Local SEO business without hiring the amount of workers it would take to do citations for every client.

Chris Gregory
Managing Partner Dagmar Marketing

3. Identify Old & Incorrect Citations

We use your old business name or/and old address to find old listings. You can use this list to know which citations need to be updated/removed and whether your new business name/address already has a citation there.

4. Identify your Competitors' Citations

We identify your top 5 competitors in Google+ Local. Then we find which Citations they have but you do not. These are your ‘Potential Citations’.

Now you can claim these for yourself and watch your business sore up the Google+ rankings.

5. Easily Compare & Prioritize Citations

We help you sort the good Citations from the bad ones by providing ‘Domain Authority’ and ‘Citation Value’ scores for each citation. Citation Value is unique to BrightLocal and tells you which citation sites are most powerful. 

Citation Value is determined using a custom built algorithm which considers Domain Authority, number of pages indexed by Google & how frequently a directory appears within CitationTracker reports.

6. 'Type of Site' & Free Listings

We also tell you the ‘Type of Site’ for each Citation and if they offer a ‘Free Listing’. This means you can focus your efforts on getting the highest value, free Citations for your business.

We currently have over 10,000 Citations sites categorized and recorded. We have an ongoing, manual review process for each citation site identified and we will continue to expand this list to make it more extensive & complete.