10,000 businesses trust BrightLocal for their local SEO reporting

Matt Prados

CEO, Message Metric
Whether you are a full blown firm, an in-house local business marketer, or a business owner, BrightLocal is a must have tool for your SEO arsenal.

“I have been using Brightlocal for a while now and I can say it is like the lost link for local business marketing. I have used dozens of different “seo tools” and this is the only one that will never become out dated, irrelevant or not needed. Brightlocal will organize your life, do things on auto-pilot that you know you need to do but would normally forget or just not get to often enough. To top it off the staff really understand what you need, respond to your questions and requests and help you achieve success in your business. BrightLocal is simply one of the best partners I have on my team and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Casey Meraz

Owner and Founder, Ethical SEO Consulting
I would and do recommend Brightlocal as a strong tool for anyone who is serious about local search. Having them on your side is like having a full time local SEO staff.

“Brightlocal’s awesome tools have allowed me to streamline my business processes. The Local Search Rank Checker was instrumental in showing my clients how their local listings were performing. By having strong tools that are easy to use & train employees on, we have been able to increase our productivity substantially. My favorite Brightlocal tool is the Google+ Local Wizard, which is unmatched in the industry. By being able to get a snapshot of my progress vs. top competitors, I am able to make tactical decisions easily.”

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Joy Hawkins

Search Engine Optimization Director, Imprezzio Marketing
BrightLocal customized their tools based on our needs. They came up with a rank checker for AdWords ads which is something I have never been able to find anywhere else.

“BrightLocal help us show our clients success; the Local Search Rank Checker helps us keep track of where our clients rank online, whist the Google+ Local Wizard is amazing at helping you see what your competitors are doing, and with what rankings you are lacking. We were using a different company to track local rankings for Google Places listings but the results were extremely inaccurate. With BrightLocal however, we see much more accurate results.”

Joy Hawkins
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    Mike Ramsey

    President, Nifty Marketing

    The Brightlocal SEO checkup report is a heaven send for local search agencies. The information is easy to understand for clients and goes deep enough to give my team actionable data in a fraction of the time it would take manually

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    Jennifer Long

    SEO Specialist, Clicked Solutions

    BrightLocal has a ton of indispensable internet marketing tools that we use every day for our clients.

  • linda final

    Linda Buquet

    Google Specialist, Catalyst eMarketing

    BrightLocal's tools ROCK! When it comes to local SEO tools, BrightLocal really know their stuff!

Max Crowe

SEO Specialist, Performics
BrightLocal are very flexible when responding to customer requests, their services consistently do what they claim to be able to do, and they have continually rolled out new and useful features in the time that we have worked with them.

“Our search agency created a local SEO product more or less from scratch, and at the time there were relatively few rank tracking solutions on the market that treated traditional & blended local results as separate entities. We needed the ability to record this data at scale, and BrightLocal met all of our criteria. The API’s pay-as-you-go approach was ideal for us - a system that allows us to collect the data & present it as our requirements dictated.

One of the nice things about working with BrightLocal is their agility. When we experience problems, or want a feature that isn’t supported yet, it is easy for us to get in touch with somebody there, and they are frequently able to deliver on what we ask.”

Crowe final headshot

Brian Pelski

Principal & Director of Operations, The Storage Group
The team at BrightLocal has been extremely professional & helped customize their application for our specific needs. They made the set-up nearly effortless! I would recommend BrightLocal, just not to our competitors!

“We were in need of a tool to help us review client rankings in major search engines & local listings. BrightLocal met all our needs and was reasonably priced. Reports are generated in the cloud and didn’t shut down our internet access like another product we tried. We really like BrightLocal because of their reliability and the consistency. We can ‘set and forget’ reports’, knowing they’ll be ready to review when we need them.”

brian pelski

Darryl Quinlan

Local Search Manager, Glacial Multimedia, Inc.
BrightLocal offers a far wider range of research and demonstrative tools than other companies. They help answer the why far better than any one else.

“BrightLocal has been and continues to be incredibly helpful; the tools allow me to effectively manage my ever increasing client base. The Local Search Rank Checker reports allow me to prove to a client why they are ranking where they are – which is invaluable. Many companies offer a similar service but none that I have found are as detailed. The BrightLocal team are always friendly, professional and courteous, whilst they are constantly striving to improve. Essentially, BrightLocal makes my life easier every day and I  would happily recommend them to anyone that wishes to dive deep into the world of Local Search.”

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    Laura Betterly

    Laura Betterly, Yada Yada Marketing

    BrightLocal has some amazing tools. We use them to help land clients as well as to streamline our Local SEO efforts. I highly recommend them.

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    Roger Gill

    President, MyBiz Online Services

    The team at BrightLocal are truly working hard to bring the best-in-class online marketing tools to the local market.

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    Nielson Hall

    Head of SEO, iProspect UK

    BrightLocal tools provide best of class data. Their tools are a must-have for marketers looking to optimize their organic search results.

Jon Keel

Founder and CEO, Improved Results
Anyone who is active in the local business marketplace needs to seriously check out BrightLocal & see if the results are equal to what we've seen.

“Some of the benefits of BrightLocal include the pricing, flexibility, an understanding of the issues local marketers face, a willingness to listen to suggestions, and an eye for and implementation of improvements – all of which make us look better to our clients and help us manage our business better. Using BrightLocal we can quickly gather up to date information when we need it which helps us to quickly respond to our clients; it improves our level of professionalism. The personal approach with us makes it easy for us to do business with Myles and the rest of the BrightLocal team.”

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Russ Lubin

Digital Specialist, Bridgeline Digital
BrightLocal have been a pleasure to work with. Our needs are unique & they have put forth their best efforts into getting our accounts imported and set-up as soon as possible.

“Working in the franchise space means we need to determine ranking trends at a local level across a vast network of locations. BrightLocal’s aggregated roll-up report is therefore invaluable. We have used other rank reporting tools, but none of them offered the local expertise of BrightLocal. I would highly recommend them; the tools are well built, very functional and the support that Myles has given us to get our reporting needs up and running has been second to none. When we had to make a large change to the reports, their team put extra hours in that went beyond the call of duty. We couldn’t be happier with their services and support.”

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Phil Britton

Product Manager, DAC Group
The Local SEO Check Up is my favorite tool. The depth and customization of the 'Check-up' report is phenomenal and is a great conversation starter with a client or prospect.

“The local search space evolves so quickly that you can spend all your time evaluating new tools, or you can let BrightLocal surprise you with killer new features just about every time you login to the dashboard. I try just about every new software tool I can find, but I only stick with a few. One of the key factors that determines whether I’ll stick around is how easy it is to use and BrightLocal has nailed that.”

  • ryan fish

    Ryan Fish

    Digital Product Strategist, Web SEOlutions

    BrightLocal has been a pleasure to work with. They are eager to support our needs, very helpful and friendly.

  • Jeff bridges

    Jeff Bridges

    President, Webutation

    What is most impressive is the constant improvements that are being made. It seems like once a week I see a new option or new feature that improves on something that is already very, very good.

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    Colan Nielson

    Team Manager, Imprezzio Marketing

    BrightLocal is one of the best internet marketing tools out there. We have been using the Local Search Rank Checker for about a year now. It is fast, accurate, and produces excellent reports.

Jaime Menor

Founder and CEO, MyLocal España
I enjoy the interaction and research that BrightLocal does with thousands of users within the local search industry, with exciting webinars using polls, questionnaires and great guest speakers.

“I don’t see Local Search performance possible if someone doesn’t use all the data and tools that Bright Local offers. We needed a tool that could understand local search and keep updated with the latest algorithm changes. It needed to look into local search performance from different perspectives and be able to show opportunities within a vertical. BrightLocal offers me the big picture before submerging and accepting projects – we save lot of time when it comes to getting data and presenting this to clients.

BrightLocal provides us with amazing usability and user experience – it’s powerfully developed with a “love towards Local Search”.

jaime menor

Sun Sachs

SVP Product, Design & Engineering, Townsquare Interactive
BrightLocal has a great team, a high-quality product, and is easy to implement.

“After surveying the leading providers and testing them all, we found BrightLocal to be the most accurate in terms of metrics. Their tools have increased operational efficiency and reduced costs. With a great team and service, we were up and running with a robust system in under 30 days which was fully integrated with our CMS.

BrightLocal provides a high quality product with powerful APIs to deliver real-time SEO performance data to our internal team and clients. Using BrightLocal has enabled us to spend more time on analysis vs. data gathering, delivering invaluable metrics to our organization in a quick and efficient manner.”

Sun sachs
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