Best Local Search Blogs of 2014 – The Results

Best Local Search Blogs of 2014 – The Results

In December we launched a poll to find the most popular Local Search blogs of 2014. In an update to the 2013 vote, we wanted to come up with an essential bookmark / reading list to help stay on top of the latest industry news & updates for the year ahead.

We provided a list of 38 local search blogs in total & invited readers to let us know if we had missed any important others. The shortlist included blogs that we regularly read here at BrightLocal, as well any other blogs we could find that regularly publish posts on local search – including the previous contenders from 2013. The only caveats were that the blog had to be updated on a regular basis & that a good proportion of their content was local focused.

Thankyou to everyone who voted in the poll. We received 647 votes in total, which now give us a resource of some great blogs to keep an eye on for the months ahead.

The top 3 Local SEO blogs of 2014

Top 3 local search blogs


Once again, Mike Blumenthal’s blog came out on top with 15% of the votes. As one of the best known figures in local search, Mike’s blog Understanding Google My Business & Local Search provides us all with regular & valuable updates on all things local. In 2014, Mike brought us some essential updates on some of the biggest topics of the year including Google My Business & the Google Pigeon update.

Andrew Shotland’s Local SEO Guide came in second, whilst Phil Rozek’s LocalVisibilitySystem came third. Both Andrew & Phil have not only given us timely & insightful updates throughout the year, but their often humorous approach has made it that little bit more fun!

The top 10 local search blogs of 2014

Top 10 local search blogs


Whilst Mike Blumenthal came out on top, the vote also serves to reinforce a number of other invaluable local SEO resources, giving us a useful list of sites to watch in 2015. Whilst at BrightLocal we do our best to bring you useful industry insights, we’re ultimately a little sheepish about finishing 5th due to the fairly biased readership! – but we thank you for your votes nethertheless.

The 20 most popular local search blogs of 2013

Each and every one of the following blogs is worth bookmarking – particularly as many of them focus on different aspects of the industry – So by keeping an eye on the full set, you’ll surely be on your way to becoming a local search master in 2015!

  20. –
  21. – Expand2web/blog
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7 thoughts on “Best Local Search Blogs of 2014 – The Results”

  1. Brilliant post Ross, looking forward for more awesome posts from you. I was wondering what is the road map for Bright Local in the near future?

    For example white lable dashboard for agency clients?
    White lable dashboard we can provide our clients to login and check their project and reports.

    What about customer reviews request system for client customers?
    Request review system works like a restaurant would shoot emails to a customer who just dined to leave a review for him on selected reviews directories..

    Any other useful feature coming up that we don’t know about?

    Regards Mark.

  2. Thanks Myles and Ross for including the Local Search Forum. I’m happy we made the list, even though it’s not a blog per se. I’m proud to be included with all the big names above. They are all winners in my book!

    1. Exactly Linda! Well, as we were looking for resources where you can find both up-to-date AND frequent ‘local’ content it seemed silly to leave out the Local Search Forum.

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