Poll: Which tasks do Local SEOs commonly outsource?

Poll: Which tasks do Local SEOs commonly outsource?

Last year we polled 190 Local SEOs about which SEO tasks they most commonly outsource.

Business listing cleanup & Citation Building were the tasks that were outsourced most, followed by Content Creation & Link Building. Ultimately, it was the tasks which take up the most time that came out on top, as SEOs clearly want to free up resources in order to focus elsewhere.

Now 12 months on, we are refreshing the poll to see if those in the industry are outsourcing more or less year on year, and also if the tasks that are being outsourced have changed at all.

NB: You can view the full results of this poll here.

Do you outsource SEO work?

Outsourcing can be valuable to any business, particularly in SEO because of the vast amount of tasks that are required on a daily / weekly basis, but a lot rests on the quality of the individual(s) doing the tasks and the communication that goes on between both parties.

We’d be grateful if you could answer our 3 question poll, which will help us understand:

  • Which local search tasks are outsourced the most
  • Are SEOs outsourcing more or less than 12 months ago?
  • What are the pros / cons of outsourcing?

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share about your experiences outsourcing SEO work, then feel free to leave your name / website details so we can publish any comments in the findings.

Take the poll (now closed)

The poll is now closed & we’ve published the findings on the BrightLocal blog.

Thanks for taking part!

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