Update: CitationBurst Redesign + Local Data Aggregator Submissions

Update: CitationBurst Redesign + Local Data Aggregator Submissions
Key 'Takeaways' From This Post
  • Submit to 4 Major Local Data Aggregators for just $55 with BrightLocal
  • BrightLocal is the most cost-effective service for submitting to local data aggregators
  • New Interface Designs & streamlined set-up focuses on existing citation clean-up
  • Improved 'Duplicate Citation' removal process helps clean up pesky duplicate listings

Today (25th August) we released a major update to our popular CitationBurst service.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make CitationBurst more comprehensive & easier to use. Today’s release is the first of many updates over the coming few weeks.

Summary of Main Changes:

  • Submit to Local Data Aggregators (&/or Manual Submissions)
  • Streamlined set-up steps focus on Finding & Fixing Existing Citations
  • Slicker, light-weight designs for all Interfaces & Reports
  • Improved Duplicate Removal Process

See Workflow Updates & Data Aggregator Submissions

Watch our short video walkthrough of the updated interfaces & how you can submit to Data Aggregators as well as manual submissions using CitationBurst.

Submit to All Local Data Aggregators for just $55/year

Using CitationBurst you can now push your business listing data to the big 4 US Aggregators for just $55/year (see price comparison table below)



Order Manual Submissions &/or Data Aggregators

As before, you can still order manual, direct submissions and hand-pick the sites you want us to use.

But now you also have the option to order Data Aggregator submissions at the same time. So you have complete control over what you order & the quantity of sites and aggregators. Nice!

submit to Local Data Aggregators

Order Manual Submissions &/or Data Aggregators

Submit to 4 Big US Data Aggregators

We push data to the following local data aggregators. You can choose 1, some or all of them and we offer 15% discount if you choose all 4!

Note: InfoUSA, Acxiom & Neustar Localeze are US-only data aggregators; Factual is a global aggregator and works in all the countries that CitationBurst covers.

Cost-effective solution for submitting to local data aggregators

Our mission has always been to provide a reliable, flexible & high quality service at a price every agency & business can afford.

And we’ve done just that!

Here’s how our data aggregator pricing compares to other, similar services:

Aggregator ServiceCost per LocationIncludes Additional Services?
Moz Local$89/yearYes
Advice Local$100/yearNo
Whitespark$900 (1 time fee)Yes
Single Platform$99/monthYes





Monthly Refresh & Free Data Updates for 12 Months

We push your data every month to each aggregator. The act of doing this refreshes the ‘date-time’ stamp on your data so that your data is seen as super fresh & highly-reliable to the aggregator.

If you need to update any of your data you can do this for free for 12 months after initial submission* – handy to know should you move address, change phone number or want to update your photos!




*NeustarLocaleze – they allow all data to be updated free for 12 months except for business name; they only allow business name to be updated within first 30 days – after that they treat name updates as new listings. 

Want to know more about Local Data Aggregators?

We have put together a list of blog posts and resources at the end of this post.

Streamlined Set-up & New Designs

We have streamlined campaign set-up to make it faster to complete and to focus on Existing Citations and cleaning these up, ahead of creating new citations.

Separate Tables for Existing & New Citations

We still submit to the same citation sites as before. But now we display your existing citations in 1 table and new, possible citation sites in a 2nd table.

You can filter the available sites based on a number of criteria –

Filtering Citations before ordering

You control which sites and how many sites we submit to.

You have complete control & flexibility of your citation campaigns – which is the way it should be!





Slick New Designs

As part of an on-going overhaul of all report interfaces, we have updated the designs for CitationBurst set-up & reports.

The new designs are fresh, light & render nicely on tablets as well as desktop resolution screens.

New CitationBurst Designs

New CitationBurst designs

What’s coming next?

We have a number of further updates coming down the pipeline very soon:

  • View NAP data & issues when you order a Citation campaign
  • 1-click ordering of citations from CitationTracker reports
  • Faster citation look-up & filtering to speed up campaign set-up
  • Audit & view NAP data on over 400 websites

We hope you like these latest updates.

If you have any feedback or questions, let us know in the chat box or comments section.

For common queries on Data Aggregator submissions, jump over to our help & FAQs section.

Want to know more about Local Data Aggregators?

Here are some links to some useful posts all about local data aggregators:

  1. BrightLocal Expert Citation Survey – All About Citations
  2. Local Data Aggregators: Why They Matter to Ranking Your Local Business
  3. A Closer Look at the Local Search Data Providers
  4. The US Local Search Ecosystem
  5. The Smart SEO’s Ultimate Guide to Building Citations for Local SEO

We also have some very relevant stats & charts from our Annual Expert Citation Survey. These provide insights from 20+ local SEO experts into the pros & cons of data aggregator submissions:

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13 thoughts on “Update: CitationBurst Redesign + Local Data Aggregator Submissions”

  1. What happens after the year? Do they cancel your citations or hold them hostage like others do? Do we get direct access and passwords for the various interfaces?
    Many of these type of services offered by others are mostly hostage taking cons.
    How about this service? Since it is not mentioned (or I don’t see it anywhere) do I assume it is the same?

  2. Fantastic services and price.

    Quick questions:
    What are the requirement for submission to these data aggregators? heard we need to provide one of the followings to Axiom for instance:
    Federal Tax License letter containing the id number, name, address and/or phone number of business
    -State, County, or City Business License or Sales Tax License
    -Doing Business As License (if applicable)
    -Fictitious Name Registration (if applicable)

    Also, would you please expend more regarding the 3$ for cleanup/removal?

    1. Hi Techgil,

      Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear it!

      Data Requirements – In answer to your question, no you don’t need to provide us with any of that data, we understand this is a pain to gather.

      As a trusted partner of the aggregators we don’t need to send them any of the data you mentioned for our submissions to be processed.

      – Would you please expand more regarding the 3$ for cleanup/removal?

      Absolutely, we now offer an extra service where we will hunt out and attempt to manually remove your duplicate listings.

      Our fee for this is 10% of the price of your submission campaign. So, if you’re purchasing a campaign of 10 submissions which costs $30 (or $20 with bulk purchase discount) and what us to remove duplicate citations on those directories, you can purchase an add on for $3 ($2 with bulk purchase discount).

      Here’s a link to a help center article on how we approach duplicate removal of citations https://brightlocal.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/224910407-How-does-BrightLocal-handle-removal-of-duplicate-listings-citations-.

      Please let me know if you’d like clarification on any of the above.


    1. Ki Kellie,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Unfortunately Axciom, Infogroup & Neustar only cater to US based businesses.

      Factual however, is available for Australian based businesses.


  3. Keep it up guys! You continue to get better and better 🙂

    One questions. Do data aggregators access submissions for Canadian businesses as well. That’s been an ongoing issue with Yext. Please advise. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks for commenting Petar, I’ll be sure to share your feedback with the team – they love to hear it!

      RE: Do data aggregators access submissions for Canadian businesses as well. That’s been an ongoing issue with Yext.

      Unfortunately Axciom, Infogroup & Neustar only cater to US based businesses.

      Factual is available for Canadian based businesses.


  4. Loving it guys, definitely an exciting new part of your current Bright Local package and something I’m looking forward to taking advantage of here today!

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