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BrightLocal has given us the ability to improve the brand awareness and visibility for our locations.

Foad IzadiDigital Acquisition, Kumon

The BrightLocal tools are truly awesome. My company uses them for all our clients.

Joy HawkinsOwner, Sterling Sky

BrightLocal is an incredible tool that helps us better understand what's been improved with SEO and what needs to be improved.

Crystal HortonConsultant, Accelerate Marketing

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Carrie Hill on Creating Kick-ass Local Content

There’s no doubt content is key to both ranking high in local search and generating more leads, but there’s a lot of mixed messages about the best ways to approach this. And often what ranks and what converts can be very different beasts. Luckily, we’ve enlisted Sterling Sky’s content creating champion Carrie Hill to get… Read More

Published 2020

How Can I Win a Client Who’s Been Burned by an SEO Agency?

Advance Your Agency is a BrightLocal series designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and advice necessary to take your agency operations to the next level.  As in any industry where trust has to be placed in an expert or authority, there are sharks in SEO. While we in local search like to think of… Read More

Published 2020

Local Quizness November 2020 – How Well Do You Know Last Month’s News?

October was a bumper month for news – and with so much going on in the ‘real’ world, we wouldn’t blame you if you’d missed some of the stories affecting local marketers. Test out your knowledge of the biggest changes, tests, and bugs hitting headlines in October in the latest edition of Local Quizness –… Read More

Published 2020