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The BrightLocal tools are truly awesome. My company uses them for all our clients.

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Simple Site Speed Improvements for Local Businesses

Many small local businesseses have a hard time optimizing their site for speed. Why is that? Well, site speed optimizations tend to require web development skills which most small business owners don’t have, and developers can be quite expensive. What can you do if you don’t have the skills or budget, but still need to… Read More

Published 2020

Top Local SEO Blogs 2020

Getting local SEO news and information from the right sources can be what propels agencies and local businesses to the next level. And, unfortunately, the phenomenon of fake news has left no stone unturned — yes, even in the local SEO world misinformation can be rife. That’s why we make it our priority to collate… Read More

Published 2020

Local Quizness October 2020 – Test Your News Knowledge!

With so many changes happening in the world of local marketing, it can be a big job to keep on top of what’s new. Each month, we pore over all of the local SEO press to pull out the most important insights and changes, and create a quick and handy quiz to help local marketers… Read More

Published 2020