Active Sync

Take control of your listings on the sites that really matter

The listing landscape has changed...

92% of local engagement happens on Google, Bing, Apple, and Facebook. Yet most listing management solutions charge you a premium to manage listings on sites that get next to no consumer engagement. But it doesn’t have to be that way…


Maximize engagement on the sites that matter

Active Sync unifies your brand presence across Google, Bing, Facebook, and Apple’s network of sites and smart devices, to keep information up to date and optimized at all times.

Make updates with ease

Updating opening hours? Managing a mountain of bulk edits?

With Active Sync, it’s a breeze! Make the changes and swiftly sync them to all your listings, even across multiple locations.

Keep listings protected from external edits

Don’t let rogue edits ruin your brand reputation. Active Sync instantly alerts you to any alterations to your listings, so you can take action before it affects your customers.

Build authority with Citation Builder

Combine the speed and control of Active Sync with the flexibility and breadth of Citation Builder – our trusted, managed service.

Let our team of experts build and fix listings on the most relevant, authority-boosting sites. 


Invest in smart, not expensive

BrightLocal Solutions
Active Sync
Active Sync
  • From only $5 / month per location
  • Cancel at any time
Citation Builder
  • Only $2 per site
  • One time payment
  • No recurring fees
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Traditional Solutions
Moz Local Lite
  • From $14 / month per location
  • Annual contract
  • From $30 / month per location
  • Billed monthly
Yext Essentials
  • From $499 / year per location
  • Annual contract
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Listings management that doesn’t blow your budget

Ready to rescue your marketing budget?