Big Teeth Productions

Chicago, 4001 N Ravenswood Ave, Illinois, 60613
Big Teeth was founded in 2005 when Elise met Gregg. In 2018, Big Teeth Productions introduced Big Teeth Films and Big Teeth Animation, two separate creative entities. While each focuses on distinct projects and clients, the shared energy and resources keep our creative and technical chops razor-sharp. To us, "film" is an idea, not a medium. When you watch a film, you drop everything else, pay attention, and immerse yourself in the images and sounds you hear. It's an experience. Sure, it's all digital these days, but we want Big Teeth Films' work to evoke a feeling in our audience. The gear changes from project to project but the need to tell a story that resonates in the right way - getting a laugh, tugging at the heart, whatever it is - that's the work we strive to do. Sometimes a story can't be told within the constraints of the actual world. That's when we dip into the animation well. So many times something seems too complex or industry specific that you don't know what to do with it. We've spent the better part of a decade finding those nuggets of relatability in every subject imaginable, so bring yours on. Big Teeth Animation has worked with tech, higher ed, healthcare, and start-ups with cool names missing vowels in the proper places. We help tell their stories in ways that are visually striking, aurally awesome and on point; all day, every day - except when we go home, because that's our time.
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