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Gary, 403 E Lincolnway, Indiana, 46383
JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing is a software development company that utilizes Internet technologies to solve simple to complex business problems with a human touch. By utilizing Internet standards, we can make solutions that work cross platform and grow with your company. Having a developer mindset, we can dig into the analytics that help businesses grow by using numbers and a true "out of the box" thought process. JM2 is dedicated to small business and small business solely. You will not see any medium or large businesses at JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing as we feel that the small business needs help and doesn't need to see resources pulled by larger businesses. JM2 feels that when you have small, medium, and large business that the medium and large businesses eventually pull resources away from the small business. JM2 believes so much in that that they focus on helping small business grow with no distractions.
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  • Digital Marketing
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Founded: 2013
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No. of Employees: 1-10
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Contact Name: John Marx
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Categories & Services
  • Digital Marketing
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