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South Jordan, 1258 S Jordan Pkwy, Utah, 84095
SnappConner PR serves as a center for growth and innovation with communications at its core. Yes, we deliver traditional earned media. And, we provide strategies in Thought Leadership, Content Creation, Crisis PR, Reputation Management, Messaging, Vision, Personal Brand and Image. Through this expanded approach, our clients build relationships, close sales, grow profits, do more good in the world and experience success again and again. Under the direction of founder, Cheryl Snapp Conner, SnappConner PR has set the bar for Thought Leadership as a communications strategy our clients are using to achieve beyond-your-imagination success. From eBooks to videos, columns, webcasts and research results, SnappConner PR clients are expert in using authentic and interesting value-add information as a means of establishing authority and credibility in their space. SnappConner PR has developed Content University, an exclusive and in-depth program that trains and prepares individuals and company executives to become expert and successful content authors and creators. Content University teaches participants to develop and leverage the very best and most interesting stories available - the ones that exist in the minds of their own executives and within their company walls. From prospective bloggers to presenters to national columnists, Content University prepares writers and content creators to reach their fullest potential as communicators for personal and business success. PR messaging and corporate vision development are among the most fundamental aspects of effective PR. SnappConner PR is expert at providing best-in-class PR messaging at the advent of every client engagement. Where needed, this service can expand to include the development of a cohesive and powerful company vision under the direction of renowned corporate strategy and leadership expert, Harry Lay, who serves as the Chairman of SnappConner PR. Personal image is a key component of successful communication. Particularly for C-level executives, who appear in print, on camera and up-close-and-personal in live presentations, an individual's visual image plays a vital role in achieving accurate and powerful communications results. These services are directed by world-renowned image and branding expert, Lauren Solomon, who serves as SVP of Image and Branding for SnappConner PR.
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