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Why claim your Agency Directory listing?

BrightLocal’s Agency Directory helps digital marketing consultants connect with local businesses in need. Claiming your free listing helps ensure that your agency is visible to potential customers actively seeking providers in your area.

Use the search box above to find your Agency Directory listing. If it's not there yet, you can quickly and easily add it yourself using the 'Add Your Agency' button.

The Agency Directory is currently available to marketing agencies and consultants with operations in the USA only.

Claim your free listing to:

Appear on lists of the best digital marketing companies in your area, so you can be found by businesses on the lookout for local SEO, PPC, SEO, and web design services.
Select your location from over 1,000 cities across every US state.
Demonstrate your unique offering and showcase what makes you special, with service descriptions and your latest Google reviews.
Connect with high-intent potential customers by generating leads directly from the Agency Directory with your own contact details.

Become a BrightLocal Partner

Upgrade your listing to Partner for these additional features:

Priority positioning on local lists to help your agency be seen by local businesses in need
Show off your key clients and case studies to tell the story of your agency's best work
Remove links to Similar Companies on your listing to make sure searchers are only focused on you
Display the industries that you specialize in
Link through to your website to help potential customers reach your business

Plus full access to BrightLocal’s toolset. This option is only available to customers on our Grow, Manage, Track, Multi Business, SEO Pro and Enterprise plans. But, first try for free with a 14 day trial - just claim your listing.

Becoming a part of the Agency Directory also lets you try out BrightLocal

If you're completely new to BrightLocal, in claiming your listing you'll also get to enjoy a 14-day trial of our all-in-one local SEO toolkit - including local rank tracking, review management, citation auditing and agency lead generation.

Track local rankings
Audit citations
Audit local SEO
Report on multiple locations
Monitor and grow reviews
Integrate GMB Insights
Connect Google Analytics
White-label reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

– How do I become a Partner on the Agency Directory?

It's free to have a listing on the Agency Directory, but upgrading to Partner status unlocks additional features, including:

  • Priority positioning in local lists
  • A link through to your website
  • Case studies on your listing
  • Client lists on your listing
  • Industries served on your listing

Partner status also prevents the 'Similar Agencies' section from being shown below your listing.

Partner listings are only available for BrightLocal users on Multi-Business, SEO Pro, and Custom subscriptions. Free trialists can also enjoy these bonus features for the duration of their two-week trial.

– What if I’m already a BrightLocal customer?

Eligible BrightLocal customers are entitled to a listing on the Agency Directory at no additional cost to their current plan. Users with a Multi-Business, SEO Pro, and Custom plan are also entitled to bonus Partner features as part of their package. If you have a BrightLocal account, but do not have one of these plan types, you are eligible for a free listing but not Partner status.

At the time of launch, the Agency Directory is only available for marketing agencies and marketing consultants based in the USA.

– How can I claim an existing listing?

To claim an existing listing on the Agency Directory which has not yet been claimed, visit the agency listing page, and click ‘Claim Your Free Listing’. You will then be taken to register for a BrightLocal account, or, if you are an existing BrightLocal user, to log in to your existing account.

– How can I add a new listing?

Agency Directory listings are managed within the Agency Directory Details section of the BrightLocal platform. Before adding a new listing, first check the Agency Directory to see if there isn’t already a listing you can claim for your agency. You can do this using the search function found here. If no listing exists for your agency, click ‘Add Your Agency’. There you can sign up for a new BrightLocal account, or if you already are a BrightLocal user, sign in to your account.

– How do I improve my ranking in state and city lists?

In each state and city, agencies can appear on lists for digital marketing, local SEO, PPC, SEO, and web design. These lists are ordered to show the highest-quality agencies for a search first, based on reputation.

These lists are ordered based on:

  • Listing status (i.e. Partner or non-Partner)
  • Review Score

Agencies with Partner status receive elevated ranking on these lists. Lists are ordered based on an agency’s Google reviews, as a metric we call ‘Review Score’. This is calculated based on the agency’s star rating on Google, combined with the number of reviews. For example, an agency with a 4.8 star rating and 100 reviews on Google will appear higher in lists than an agency with a 5 star rating but just one Google review. We do this to showcase agencies that have the best overall Google reviews.

– Which countries does the Agency Directory serve?

The Agency Directory is currently available for marketing agencies and marketing consultants in the USA. If your agency is not located in the USA, 'Agency Directory Details' will not show in your BrightLocal account and you will not be able to claim a listing at this time. However, we plan to roll out the Agency Directory to Canada, the UK, and Australia in the near future, and will inform all eligible BrightLocal users when this is possible.

– Which cities are covered by the Agency Directory?

The Agency Directory consists of the top 1,000 cities in the US, by population. However, if your city is missing from the list, you can request a new city.

We consider all requests, and aim to add new cities regularly. When requesting a new city to be added, please leave your contact details and we will let you know once this city is live.

Even if your city is not yet available, you are still entitled to an Agency Directory listing. Choose your state from the list in Agency Directory Details, and choose the blank option in the 'City' dropdown. This will allow you to appear on lists for services in your state. You will not be assigned a city.