Add Custom Directories to ReviewBiz Badges

Add Custom Directories to ReviewBiz Badges

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N.b. ReviewBiz is now part of Reputation Manager. Click here for more information.

ReviewBiz is a useful little button which connects your website to your important business listings and makes it easier for your customers to leave a review for your business on their favourite review site.

As part of an major overhaul to ReviewBiz, we have released a couple of great enhancements to our ReviewBiz badges to make them more customisable.

1. Add in your own Custom Directories/Sites

ReviewBiz uses a pre-defined set of review sites which can be displayed on your badge (inc. Yelp, Google+, Yahoo Local).

This list is not exhaustive and doesn’t include many niche & local directories/sites which customers have requested we add.

Well now you can do it yourself! You can add up to 3 extra review sites which you want to have on your badge. You simple have to tell us the name of the site & paste in the listing URL for your business on that site, and we’ll do the rest.

You can add these to existing badges (just go to the ‘Edit Badge’ page) or for new badges.

ReviewBiz - add niche or local directories

2. Manage Facebook & Twitter links

By default your ReviewBiz badge includes share & tweet links for both Facebook & Twitter.

Now you can dictate whether you want to display these buttons or remove them completely from the badge.

You can manage these links/buttons on existing badges (just go to the ‘Edit Badge’ page) or for new badges.

ReviewBiz - manage twitter and facebook

Coming soon

We have some further updates coming down the pipe:

  • Slick new badge designs
  • Badge analytics
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