New Reports: Citation Roll-up Reports

New Reports: Citation Roll-up Reports

Today we launched a great new report: Citation Tracker Roll-Up Reports. Roll-up reports are a great addition to our popular Citation Tracker tool. They allow you to ‘roll-up’ citations from multiple locations and view them in 1 single report. This makes it easy to see trends & issues across multiple locations without deep diving into each report.

5 Key Facts about Citation Roll-up Reports

  • Great for tracking citations for multi-location business
  • View citation status for multiple locations in 1 report
  • Focus on top 40-50 citation sites in each country
  • See which locations are & are not listed on top sites
  • Free new feature – no additional cost

Watch Roll-Up Report Video Guide

Watch our 4 minute guide to new citation roll-up reports and see how they can help you. [raw_html_snippet id=”roll-up report video”]

Great Features in our Citation Roll-Up Reports

1. View citations for multiple locations in 1 report

View citations for multiple locations You can select as many locations as you want to appear on your Citation Roll Up reports. You do this by selecting underlying Citation Tracker reports to be aggregated into your Roll-up report. This allows you to view where you do & don’t have listings on the most important citation sites, so you quickly address any missing listings. Note: you can only select reports from the same country (can’t mix countries) because the top citation sites differ between countries.

2. Focus on most important citation sites

Focus on most important citation sites

Roll-up reports only show listing details for the top 40-50 citation sites. These sites are most important sites for you to be listed on and should be where you focus your listing efforts. By not showing ALL citations we remove the ‘noise’ from your reports. Why 40 or 50? Well in the US there are more high quality citation sites compared to UK, Canada & Australia. We tried to add 50 sites in all countries butthe quality quickly drops off and these sites didn’t justify inclusion in our mind.

3. Quickly see where you have missing listings

The reports show where you do & don’t have listings. By clicking into each citation site you can quickly see which locations are missing listings and you can click out to add these.

4. Manage your citation reports & click to view citations

Missing listings with Citation Roll-up ReportsBy grouping citation reports into roll-up reports you can more easily manage reports for each client or brand that you manage.

You can click out to view any live listings that you have and can also click through to view the full Citation Tracker report for each location.

So, what’s next?!

We have some small, additional updates to make to the Roll-Up reports in coming weeks – e.g. add interface for viewing all citations for 1 location as opposed to viewing all locations for each citation site. The we have some bigger, much bigger updates planned….but we can’t unveil these yet as we need to define what is & isn’t possible before we get your hopes up. Sorry – just trying to manage everyones expectations.


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