Citation Tracker Now Available in New Zealand

Citation Tracker Now Available in New Zealand

Citation Tracker is now available to users in New Zealand.

We’ve been working on furthering Citation Tracker’s reach across the globe, and New Zealand is the first in the line of a whole host of new countries planned; including Ireland, France & Germany.

Citation Tracker makes it easy to see where you do & don’t have citations on the most important citation sites. Not only can you track your local citations, you can also spot any NAP issues*, and find new citation opportunities.

*Currently New Zealand reports don’t include NAP audit but they will do soon

Recent Citation Tracker Updates

The New Zealand release is just the latest in a series of Citation Tracker updates over recent months. At the beginning of the year we started the rollout of the all new NAP audit function; releasing it over subsequent weeks for USA, CanadaUnited Kingdom & Australia reports. The NAP audit allows you to see which of the top 50 citation sites you are listed on & what NAP data they display for your business.

NAP issues for Citation Sites
Find NAP issues for Top Citation Sites

Around the same time, we added the functionality to set a Status for each citation, and mark which issues need fixing and flag up if there are any duplicate listings on a site. We also introduced citation smileys which lets you rate each of your citations with a satisfaction rating!

Set a status with a citation 'smiley'
Set a status with a citation ‘smiley’

Just last month we updated the tool even further by introducing a duplicate citation finder, which allows you to seek out suspected duplicate citations for your business on all sites where you have active citations.

So we invite all New Zealand based BrightLocal users to give the tool a try & start tracking their business listings today!

Citation Tracker Overview:

  • See your existing citations & pinpoint the sites you’re missing
  • Spot incorrect NAP issues & prioritize which sites to fix first
  • Locate harmful, duplicate listings and fix them fast!
  • Spy on your competitors & spot new citations to boost authority
  • Add statuses, notes & priorities to manage campaigns more efficiently

We’re committed to the continuous development of all our tools and pleased that with this latest update, our Citation Tracker tool is now available to more BrightLocal users than ever before!

Ross Marchant
About the author
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