Duplicate Citation Finder Added to Citation Tracker

Duplicate Citation Finder Added to Citation Tracker

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature for our Citation tracking tool.

Following the recent rollout of our NAP audit function across USA, Canada, United Kingdom & Australia reports, we’ve now updated the tool even further by introducing a duplicate citation finder.

Find duplicate listings on active citations

Citation Tracker now seeks out suspected duplicate citations for your business on all of sites where you have Active Citations.

This helps you identify and fix the issues that arise from having duplicate listings. This brand new feature is available to all BrightLocal customers right now.

How to see if you have duplicate citations

When your Citation Tracker reports are run or re-run we’ll now automatically search for duplicate listings on all sites. This feature replaces the ‘Old Citations’ tab, and old citations are now rolled into the duplicate citations report.

Suspected duplicate citations are flagged with a duplicate icon next to a citation listing on the ‘Top Citation’ & ‘Active Citation’ tabs (see duplicate citation icons in red, below):

Suspected Duplicate Citations on CitationTracker


You can use the Filter menu at the top (highlighted, top) to make duplicate citations visible or not visible (as well as other new features like smileys).

Inspecting your duplicate listings

From here, you need to click on the duplicate citation icon to open up a pop-up window. This window displays the information we have found about your suspected duplicate citation (see below):


Citation Notes & Statuses


Duplicate citations are problems

From here you can take multiple actions:

  • You can click through using the ‘search’ icons (highlighted), to inspect each listing yourself
  • You can remove any false dupes from your report by clicking the red minus button
  • If a listing we flagged as a dupe is actually better/more accurate than the citation we selected as your primary citation, we can swap them over
  • We’ll update any changes & these will be reflected in your Citation Tracker report

This update makes identifying & removing your duplicate listings a much easier task. You can use this feature to find your dupes & identify them for removal.

Please note: We don’t delete duplicate citations, for you – we only detect suspected ones and notify you about them – you will need to take action to delete them from citation sites.

Why are duplicate citations a problem?

Duplicate business listings are a big issue in local data management. The aim of any Local SEO is to make it as easy as possible for Google to associate the correct & proper listings to your business.

As Phil Rozek pointed out, it may not be a big deal if you have two similar listings on some of the smaller sites, but multiple listings on YellowPages.com, Yelp and Facebook can cause you problems;

“Delete one of them, or else Google might scrape YP (a trusted third-party source) and create an unwanted Google Places listing for you. Also, you should be gung-ho about removing duplicate listings on highly visible sites like YP, Yelp, and Facebook. To the extent you get reviews on those sites, you’ll want to get the reviews piled up on one listing, rather than spread them thin between several listings”.

More updates coming soon!

It’s our aim to make Citation Tracker the best local citation tool on the market, so we’ve got many more features planned!

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature and any suggestions for other features you’d like to see. Please let us know!

Ross Marchant
About the author
Ross is the former Marketing Manager for BrightLocal. With 9+ years SEO and content experience, Ross spearheaded the marketing and CRM initiatives which focus heavily on creating useful and informative content. Ross coordinated the research program at BrightLocal which delivers unique insights into both the SEO industry and local consumer behaviours.