Feature Update – Citation NAP Audit Available for Canada

Feature Update – Citation NAP Audit Available for Canada
Key 'Takeaways' From This Post
  • NAP audit data now available for Canadian Citation reports
  • Citation Tracker audits Name, Address & Phone Number data (NAP)
  • We compare NAP on each site vs. what you’ve entered in report settings
  • We look at the Name, Zip-code & Tel number – not yet street address

We’ve updated an exciting new feature for Citation Tracker customers in Canada.

Extended NAP Audit to Canada

In January we released NAP audit data for USA Citation reports, and followed this up in March by making it available to customers in the UK and Australia. We’ve now finalized the roll-out of this feature by making it available to customers in Canada.

With Citation Tracker, you can not only identify Active & Potential citations, but it now audits the Name, Address & Phone Number data (NAP) on the most important citation sites.

NAP Audits in Canada with CitationTracker
Monitor your NAP for top citation sites

NAP Data for Top Citation Sites

With Citation Tracker, you can find out where you do and don’t have citations for the most important citation sites. With the additional NAP audit on these reports, they are even more useful.

You can now see which of the top 40-50 citation sites your business is listed on and what specific NAP data they display. We may soon roll this out for more than just the top citation sites – but at present we are concentrating on the top 40-50.

There is no extra charge for NAP data – it’s included in existing packages.

Main Features of NAP Update

1. View your NAP data from top Citation sites – displayed under the ‘Top Citations’ tab


2. View any NAP discrepancies in red font

  • We compare NAP on each site vs. what you’ve entered in report settings
  • We look  at the Name, Zip-code & Tel number – not yet street address
NAP discrepancies using CitationTracker
Your NAP discrepancies are displayed in red font

3. NAP data will refresh every time your report runs (or refresh for specific citations when you require)

Refresh NAP data when you need to
Refresh NAP data for all citations or just specific sites

4. Swap the listing if we’ve identified the wrong one or if you merged duplicates.

CitationTracker update

Add a Citation Status & Flag up Issues

You can now also set a Status for each citation, mark any issues that require a fix, and flag up duplicate listings on a site.

Adding a status to your citation makes it easy to keep track of those citations which need to be amended, especially if you need to share them with members of your team, clients or an outsourced citation builder.

Citation Issues in CitationTracker
Set citation status, flag up issues & add notes.

Add Citation Smileys

Not all of your business listing issues will be NAP related. You may be require richer content to be displayed, or need a colleague to look into further issues – so now you can rate each citation with a satisfaction smiley.

Set a status with a ‘Smiley’





Pick a smiley based on your rating, and it will display in the main report – giving yourself or your colleagues a quick overview of the citation rating.

More great updates coming soon

We want to make Citation Tracker the best local citation tool on the market, so we’ve got plenty more features planned!

Now we’ve rolled out the NAP checker to Canada, we have a host of new features that we’re working on….here’s a sneak preview –

  • Deeper citation search functionality (focus on Top Citation sites)
  • Duplicate Citation locator
  • Citation ‘Status’ (mini-feature)
  • Citation Tracker rolled out to new countries – New Zealand, Ireland, France & Germany

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature and any suggestions for other features you’d like to see. Please let us know!

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