Introducing ‘Client Access’ for Reputation Manager

Introducing ‘Client Access’ for Reputation Manager

Today we’re launching a highly-requested feature for Reputation Manager: Client Access.

Client Access is designed to help agencies streamline review generation for their clients.

It lets your clients log in into their own Reputation Management dashboard, allowing them to:

  • See their latest reviews
  • Figure out their overall reputation through easy-to-understand charts
  • Easily reply to Facebook and Google reviews
  • Run review generation campaigns themselves

What’s more, the client dashboard has fully customizable white-label options. So you can add your own logo and brand colors, and customize which reports are shown for each client.

Watch the video below to learn how it works.

Helping agencies sell and deliver reputation management services

When we launched Reputation Manager in 2018, we saw it as an end-to-end solution that helped local businesses monitor and grow their reviews.

Businesses would be able to get accurate review data across dozens of websites in a single dashboard.

They could watch new reviews come in, see potential issues, and quickly respond.

They could pinpoint the locations and sites that needed a boost in reviews.

They would be able to send review request emails in bulk and measure the success of campaigns.

It was a perfect fit for businesses, but for a couple of reasons, it wasn’t ideal for agencies.

Firstly, in order to send review request emails, agencies would need clients to share customer contact information. That might concern business owners who have their customers’ data privacy front-of-mind. While there are ways around data privacy issues, we realized there was more we could do to make this easier for our agency customers.

Secondly, we’re firm believers that responding to customer reviews is best coming directly from the business. Nobody knows their customers better than the people providing the service.

They know the right way to respond to customer service issues and negative feedback. Additionally, speed is of the essence when it comes to dealing with negative reviews. Agencies need to empower their clients to deal with feedback swiftly, rather take it over wholesale.

Empowering clients

With the launch of Client Access, we’re allowing agencies to empower their clients to take greater control of their reputation.

It reduces the complexity, friction, and data privacy concerns within review generation campaigns.

It gives clients better visibility on customer feedback and complete control over how they run review generation campaigns.

It speeds up a client’s ability to respond to and act on feedback.

And it allows the agency to focus on strategy.

After all, every business knows that customer reviews are important. They don’t need agencies to simply send emails or reply to reviews every now and then. They need consultancy on how to craft effective email copy, the review sites to focus on based on data analysis, and how to grow reviews across multiple customer touchpoints.

Clients understand this, too.

In our Local Search Industry Survey 2019, local marketers told us that demand for reputation management was growing faster than any other service.

Reporting on rankings is no longer enough

Agencies that specialize in local SEO have to make reputation management a core part of their services. The good news is that many already do, with 92% of local marketers saying they offer reputation management services to clients.

If you’re part of the 8% who don’t, here are three reasons why you should start right away.

1. Reviews improve rankings

SEO experts agree that reviews are growing as a Google local ranking factor with each passing year. There’s data to back up the speculation, too — businesses appearing in Google’s top 3 local positions have an average of 47 Google Reviews.

The good news is that generating reviews is faster and more impactful than nearly every SEO tactic.

Link building takes time and effort. Citations, while important, are prone to diminishing returns — but there’s really no ceiling to review generation. If your client has customers, then you can increase their reviews.

2. Reviews drive action

Reviews are the best calls to action a business will ever have.

You could write a meta description that would make Don Draper drool. Or design a GMB profile worthy of a place in the Louvre. But it’ll all be for nothing if the average star rating sucks.

In fact, going from a 3-star rating to a 5-star rating gets a business 25% more clicks from Google’s Local Pack.

3. The trust threshold is higher than ever

According to one Uber driver, a rating of 4.2 is “very, very bad”. So bad that you might not even get picked up if your rating slips below 4.5.

Consumer reviews are an accepted part of every industry and every type of purchase. Reputation management doesn’t just need to be at the forefront of a marketing strategy, it needs to be an integral part of a business strategy.

It’s not just the average star rating that’s important, the volume is a big trust factor too. It takes 40 online reviews before consumers believe a business’s star rating is accurate.

Reviews freshness is just as important as volume — 85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.

Reviews matter more than ever. So for agencies, it’s a huge opportunity to deliver more value — and now they have the tools to make reputation management simpler than ever.

Reputation management services made simple

This new feature is going to make reputation management a lot simpler for agencies, helping them to focus on bigger initiatives and deliver better results.

It also can help large enterprises, where separate teams are looking after SEO and reputation management. Or in franchise businesses where franchisees manage their own reputation. Client Access will mean individuals who are tasked with generating and responding to reviews can quickly access these reports without the need for a BrightLocal account.

We look forward to seeing how our agency customers make use of the new feature. And as always, we welcome any kind of feedback to improve our products further.

If you want to learn more, we have FAQs available in the BrightLocal Help Center. And don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team if you have specific questions.

Not a BrightLocal customer? Try Reputation Manager free for 14 days — during which you’ll be able to run up to five review generation campaigns.

Try Reputation Manager today!

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