We have completed the roll-out of a major update to our Citation Tracker tool.

Along with a full redesign of reports, we have upgraded the citation-finding process and added some great new features – such a detailed count of NAP statuses.

And we’re not stopping there – we have more improvements coming soon!

NAP Status added to Citation reports

The Top Citations tab now includes a ‘NAP Status’ section giving you a quick-glance view of all your NAP errors on the most important citation sites.

This enables you to clearly see the scale of the issues and which areas (Name – Address – Phone) have the most issues so you/your team can focus your efforts on tackling problem sites.

NAP Status added to Citation reports
NAP Status makes it easier to view all your NAP errors at a glance!

NAP errors are a major cause for concern for SEOs & SMBs working on their local business listings. When you get your business listed on citation sites, you want to ensure that your business’ name, address and phone number is accurate & complete on as many citation sites as possible.