New Citation Tracking Charts Added to Citation Tracker

New Citation Tracking Charts Added to Citation Tracker

We have kicked off a series of major updates to our Citation Tracker tool. As well as optimizing the data gathering aspects of Citation Tracker we are also updating the report designs and adding additional features. These enhancements will drop in a series of releases which started last Friday (19th April) and will complete by end of May.

New citation tracking charts

Citations tracking charts - Citation Tracker

Now you can visualize your active citations and how they grow over time in our new citation tracking charts. Each column on the chart represents 1 report run and the banded colors show how many new citations we identified each time we re-ran your citation tracker report.

For optimal results we advise customers to set up their Citation Tracker reports to update monthly. Weekly tracker reports use up 4 credits per month (vs monthly = 1 credit) and the week-on-week growth in Citations is not usually that significant. So monthly tracking will display more encouraging growth in citations and will create a prettier chart for your customers to see (hey, design matters right!)

Citation notes – keep track of tasks & actions 

A number of customers requested the option to leave notes for themselves about certain citations – e.g. so they know which ones have issues or have been claimed etc…

We have added a neat ‘pen’ icon next to each citation. Clicking on this will open up a notes window and you can leave a message for yourself about that citation. These notes are for your own benefit and don’t get reviewed by BrightLocal staff.

Citation Notes - Citation Tracker


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