NEW FEATURE: Never Miss a Single Customer Review with Review Inbox

NEW FEATURE: Never Miss a Single Customer Review with Review Inbox

Today, we’re proud to announce a major update to Reputation Manager with the release of Review Inbox.

What is Review Inbox?

Review Inbox makes multi-location reputation management simpler. Now you can see every customer review, for every location you manage in BrightLocal, from the comfort of a single feed. 

With Review Inbox you can:

  • See all customer reviews across every location in one place 
  • Filter reviews by rating to react quickly to negative feedback
  • Respond to Facebook and Google reviews with a single click
  • Coordinate and manage review responses more effectively
  • Export your data via CSV to conduct deeper performance analysis

Fight fires, faster

Dealing with negative reviews can feel like fighting fires, and larger multi-location businesses are often more likely to get burnt.

Why? Because they’re dealing with scale. 

A business with hundreds of locations might be dealing with thousands of new customer reviews every week, and they can’t afford to get complacent – a single negative review can drive away 22% of people who see it. 

Let’s face it… negative reviews happen. It’s how you respond that can make the difference. 45% of people say they’re more likely to use a business that responds to their negative reviews.

Review Inbox is here to help you detect and put out potential fires faster.

Who is Review Inbox for?

Review Inbox is for multi-location businesses

For businesses, Review Inbox solves the problems inherent with managing reviews for hundreds of locations.

Sometimes it might fall to a small team or even a single person (!), to deal with hundreds or thousands of incoming customer reviews across dozens of review sites. 

Review Inbox is for agencies

Scale can also be an issue for agencies. If you’re working with dozens of small business clients, it can be hard to split your time effectively.

Review Inbox allows you to manage reviews across your entire client base from a single dashboard. That way, you can ensure your time is best spent dealing with issues that need your attention right away.

Need to focus on a particular client? You can use the search function to find their reviews across all their locations. 

How to manage reputation more effectively with Review Inbox

See all your customer feedback, at all times

Seeing all your reviews in one place will ensure feedback doesn’t get missed and certain locations don’t get neglected. It’s now possible to monitor up to 80 review sites from BrightLocal. And with Review Inbox, you’ll be able to monitor all those sites, for all your locations, at all times.

Prioritize what needs attention

All this feedback at your fingertips is great, but it can easily get overwhelming – especially if you’ve got hundreds of new reviews to deal with each week. While you should always aim to respond quickly, some issues are going to need to be jumped on first.

Sorting and filtering will allow you to focus on the high-priority issues such as a particularly negative review. 

Respond quickly

Speed of response is the first – and sometimes most important – step in dealing with a negative review effectively.

With Review Inbox, you can start responding to Google and Facebook reviews with just a single click. For other sites, we provide a direct link to the review – so you can simply log in to your account and craft your response.

Streamline your review management workflows

Review management at scale can get messy fast. That’s why we’ve designed workflow tools to help you stay organized, work efficiently, and get your whole team on the same page. 

You’ll be able to change the status of each review so everyone can see what’s awaiting a response and what’s already been responded to. You’ll also have easy-to-access folders that group reviews together by status. That way you can be confident that no review is neglected or responded to twice.

Never miss a single customer review with Review Inbox

Review Inbox is available now for all customers within Reputation Manager. 

This is the sixth major release to Reputation Manager in 2019 and we’re really excited to see how this can unlock more value for our customers who are dealing with online review management at scale.

If you’re not yet a customer, give Review Inbox and all other features of Reputation Manager a try, completely free for 14 days!

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