NEW: Introducing ‘Link Mode’ for Reputation Manager

NEW: Introducing ‘Link Mode’ for Reputation Manager

We’re fast approaching the midpoint of the year, and at BrightLocal we’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Today we’re pleased to announce another new improvement to our Reputation Manager product. This marks the third—yes, third!—feature release for Reputation Manager in 2019.

Introducing Link Mode

Link Mode builds on the success of Kiosk Mode, a feature we released back in February.

Kiosk Mode gives business owners the ability to generate in-store feedback from customers via tablets and terminals.

Link Mode gives you the ability to generate customer feedback anywhere, at any time.

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The Simplicity, Flexibility, and Power of a Link

The link is as old as the internet itself. In fact, the term ‘hyperlink’ pre-dates the World Wide Web by nearly two decades, having been coined back in 1965.

Many technologies have arrived and changed beyond recognition since then, yet the hyperlink remains relatively unchanged.

So when we thought about how we help our customers generate more feedback and reviews, we looked to the humble link.

With Link Mode, we give you a simple URL that automatically directs customers to a branded landing page to rate a business, provide feedback, and write a review.

It’s simple. It’s flexible. And in your hands, it’s really powerful.

Here’s a short video explaining how it works.

Link Mode is…


It only takes a few seconds to generate a link that you can start using instantly.


  • Choose the feedback template you want to use
  • Select which reviews sites you want to push customers towards
  • Generate your link and it’s ready to be copied and pasted anywhere


We give you control over which review sites you want to customers to leave a review on.

So if you’re low on Google My Business reviews, you can ensure your Link Mode campaign is only driving people to leave reviews on GMB.


Link Mode offers the same seamless and engaging experience as Kiosk Mode. Landing pages are clean, customizable, and mobile-friendly.

What’s more, your link can be used anywhere imaginable. Any touchpoint—both online and offline—can now drive more feedback and reviews.

Eight Ways to Use Link Mode

With great flexibility comes great power.

Here are 8 ways you’ll be able to use Link Mode to generate more reviews:

1. Email
2. SMS
3. On your Website
4. Via Live Chat
5. In your Booking System
6. On Physical Receipts
7. NFC Transmitter
8. Business Cards

1. Email

The first place you’ll want to start using Link Mode is within email campaigns. Reputation Manager already offers you the ability to send review request emails from directly within the BrightLocal platform.

However, we realise that lots of businesses already have an Email Service Provider in place. With Link Mode, you can create a review request URL to use in any email system: MailChimp Campaign Monitor, Hubspot—the list goes on.

And you can use the link in all types of emails—not just review request campaigns. You could drop the link within an e-receipt template, a regular newsletter, or in the signature of personal emails.

Working with practitioner businesses (e.g. attorneys, doctors)? You can use Link Mode URLs to ensure that each practitioner’s emails contain links to review them, rather than the overall practice.

2. SMS

94% of SMS messages are opened. That’s insanely high engagement, especially considering the average open rate for email is only 21%.

Every business sends emails, but not many use SMS. Given the high engagement rates, you should definitely be using SMS to encourage customer reviews.

Simply include the Link in your SMS messages when you message your customers.

Your Link Mode landing pages are mobile-responsive and super-fast so you’ll get great results using SMS to generate new reviews.

Spoiler alert: Soon you’ll be able to send SMS message from within BrightLocal directly. More on that soon.

3. On your Website

It’s only natural that you’ll want to use Link Mode on your website.

You could create a ‘Leave A Review’ button to sit in the footer of your website, or show the link on a confirmation page after form completions or purchases.

You could even trigger a popup for returning customers, asking them to give feedback for a recent purchase.

4. Via Live Chat

If you offer live chat on your website, you can use a Link Mode URL to automatically encourage feedback and reviews after resolving customer issues. The same goes for businesses that communicate with customers via Facebook Messenger.

As Link Mode campaigns also include an NPS survey, they’ll fit perfectly alongside existing customer service metrics.

And if you’re fully on board with the robot revolution, you can even use using Link Mode with chatbots.

5. In Your Booking Systems

If your business takes bookings, chances are you’ll be sending out plenty of communications through systems like SimplyBook, Bookeo, or Timely.

You can add a Link Mode URL into your existing booking journey such as adding it to ‘confirmation’, ‘thankyou’, or ‘book again’ emails.

6. Physical Receipts

Your Link Mode URL can be used in all manner of printed materials, but the till receipt is likely to be the most effective. After all, it’s going to be seen right after someone has made a purchase.

You could encourage staff to circle the receipt before handing it to the customer and asking them to leave a review.

It’s not just retailers who can take advantage of this approach. Service businesses could encourage feedback on invoices that are given in person or sent in the post.

7. NFC Transmitter

If you’re a business with limited space or a quick customer throughput, this is the solution for you. It’s also a clever way to show off your business’s tech-savviness.

Just load up an NFC transmitter with your Link Mode URL and put it in a small ‘feedback box’ on reception or at the counter. Then train staff to encourage customers to swipe their devices over the box in order to leave feedback on your dedicated landing page.

8. Business Cards

Add your customized Link Mode URL to business cards to make sure customers know from the beginning that you welcome feedback.

It’s a no-brainer to hand out the card after a purchase or the completion of service, and politely ask for feedback.

Go one step further and use a company like Moo to print business cards with pre-loaded NFC chips that link to your Link Mode campaign!

Start Using Link Mode Today

So there you have it. Eight ways to generate more customer reviews with Reputation Manager’s new Link Mode.

No doubt you’ll be able to think of many more ways to use it. We look forward to seeing the creative ways our customers will make use of this new feature.

Link Mode is available to all customers. You can start using it in Reputation Manager today.

If you have questions, check out the FAQs below or drop them in the comments on this post.

If you’re not yet a BrightLocal customer, why not give Link Mode a spin with a 14-day free trial?

Link Mode FAQs

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