NEW: Introducing ‘Kiosk Mode’ for Reputation Manager

NEW: Introducing ‘Kiosk Mode’ for Reputation Manager

“Strike while the iron is hot,” they say, and nowhere is this more applicable than when getting authentic feedback from customers. At the point of sale or point of service; that’s when customers are at their happiest, and when they’re most likely to provide you with a true reflection of your service.

That’s why we’ve launched ‘Kiosk Mode’ for Reputation Manager, to allow businesses to capture that hyper-authentic feedback and encourage customers to share their great experiences as business reviews while they’re still fresh in their minds.

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It’s particularly useful for hospitality and service-based businesses, which tend to end with a face-to-face, employee/customer interaction. Keep reading for some unique ways to get reviews that your competitors will almost definitely be missing out on!

What is Kiosk Mode for Reputation Manager?

Kiosk Mode generates a dedicated URL and customizable web page through which businesses can kick off their ‘Get Reviews’ campaigns in Reputation Manager. Click here to see an example of the feedback flow the customers will go through.

This responsive, feedback-request web page can be presented to the customer at the end of their experience via a tablet or terminal, as it’s responsive to work on any device.

How Does Kiosk Mode Work?


Kiosk Mode works in tandem with your ‘Get Reviews’ campaigns to provide customers with a flexible way of leaving feedback and reviews.

  1. Set up your ‘Get Reviews’ campaign within Reputation Manager
  2. Customize your Kiosk Mode page design and text to match your branding and tone of voiceKiosk Mode Settings
  3. Generate an unique, white-labeled Kiosk Campaign Link within Reputation ManagerKiosk Campaign Link
  4. Place this Kiosk Campaign Link on the devices through which you’d like to get feedback
  5. Customers receive an email one hour after submitting feedback, asking them to leave a review on your preferred review sites

For more detailed info on how to use Kiosk Mode, take a look at our FAQs here:

How Can I Use Kiosk Mode?

Here’s a couple of key uses case for Kiosk Mode:


Working with an industry with face-to-face interaction at the end of the customer experience? Why not present the feedback web page to the customer via a tablet, such as an iPad?

And here’s a top tip for restaurants and hotels: if you’re serving a couple, while one of them is paying the balance or finalizing the bill, present the other with the tablet to gather their feedback. No more awkward twiddling of thumbs while the partner pays!

Perfect for: hotels, restaurants, service area businesses


If the nature of business is a little more private (in medical or law practices, for example), create a feedback station in the business entrance area to allow customers leaving the premises to leave their feedback privately but promptly.

Perfect for: dentists, doctors, chiropractors, therapists, lawyers

What’s Next for Reputation Manager?

We’re always improving our tools to ensure you have everything you need (and more) to deliver success to clients, and Reputation Manager is no exception. Here’s what we’ve got planned for this popular tool:

  • Review Performance Leaderboard: Monitor and compare review performance of different locations so you can make strategic decisions on which locations to focus on (coming March 2019)
  • Client Access: Enable your clients to manage their reviews, end-to-end (coming April 2019)
  • Niche Review Sites: Monitor and track reviews on sites specific to your clients’ industries (coming Q2 2019)

We’d Love to Hear What You Think

These are just a few examples of ways businesses can use the new, flexible Kiosk Campaign Links to generate reviews, but we’re most excited about seeing what you folks do with them!

Have any great ideas to share, or have any questions about Kiosk Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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