New White-Label Emails & ‘External Reports’

New White-Label Emails & ‘External Reports’

We have released a major update to our white-label reporting feature.

2 Big Updates

1. ‘External URL’ reports for all tools & reports

Reports for all of our tools are now available on external URLs. These are URLs which can be shared with clients so that they can view their reports outside of BrightLocal.comWhite label seo report

External URL reports appear on a non-BrightLocal branded domain =

The reports can be branded up like our PDF reports with your own logo & colors. They inherit the same logo, colors & text which you set up in your white-label profiles so you don’t need to make any changes. (see White-Label Profiles – login needed)

Each time your reports run the updated data is available on these URLs for your clients to view. The URLs of the reports don’t change so you can give your clients these links 1 time, rather than send a new PDF each month.

Example External URL reports – 

To turn-on external URL reports you need to access the report within your account and click on the ‘Publish Report’ button.

2. White-label Email Alert

Many of our customers have asked if they can white-label the email alerts that we send out. We have now enabled this so that you can –White-label SEO emails

  • Send emails with your own logo
  • Remove all BrightLocal branding & colors
  • Send emails from your own ‘Sender’ address

There are a few steps to complete in order to set-up white-label emails. We use a 3rd party site ( to handle email delivery and you need to create an account on PostMarkApp. Doing this enables you to set-up email alerts so that they come from your own domain & sender address, as opposed to coming from

Setting up a PostMarkApp account

  • Setting up an account is free & takes 5 minutes
  • PostMarkApp provide 10,000 free email credits
  • Extra email credits cost just $0.001 per email

To set-up white-label emails please go to the new ‘Email Settings’ tab within your White-Label Profile and follow the instructions posted there.

We hope these new features make Brightlocal even more useful for you. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback for us.

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