We have updated our Citation Tracker reports so they find & display Name, Address & Phone Number data (NAP) for the most important citation sites.

NAP Data for Top Citation Sites

Our Citation Tracker reports make it easy for you to see where you do & don’t have citations on the most important citation sites.

And now we’ve made these reports even more useful by adding NAP audit to them. You can see which of the top 50 citation sites you are listed on and what NAP data they display for your business.

We grab & display NAP data for the Top 50 citations sites*. We may look to extend the number of sites covered in future but we wanted to provide this data the most valuable & important sites first.

There is no extra charge for having this data – it’s included within existing packages.

*Please note – Currently this new feature is only only applied to US reports (for US-based businesses) but we will rollout to UK, Canada & Australia in Jan/Feb 2015.

Main Features

1. See NAP data gathered from most important Citation sites – displayed on your ‘Top Citations’ tab.

See NAP Data in Your Citation Reports - 0


2. We clearly show any NAP discrepancies in red font (just applies to Name, Zipcode, Number – not address at this time)

See NAP Data in Your Citation Reports - 1


3. NAP data automatically refreshes each time your report runs, or you can refresh NAP data for a specific Citation as you want/need to.

See NAP Data in Your Citation Reports - 2




4. Swap the listing if we grabbed the wrong one or if you merge duplicates.

See NAP Data in Your Citation Reports - 3








So what’s coming next?!

We’re not stopping here on our quest to make Citation Tracker the best local citation tool on the market.

After we’ve rolled out the NAP checker to UK, Canada & Australia we have a host of new features that we’re working on…and here’s a sneak preview –

  • Deeper citation search functionality (focus on Top Citation sites)
  • Duplicate Citation finder
  • Citation ‘Status’ (mini-feature)
  • Citation Tracker rolled out to new countries – New Zealand, Ireland, France & Germany

We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature and also suggestions for other features you’d like to see added to Citation Tracker. Please contact us and let us know!