Yahoo has updated their local results in the US, giving more prominence to the map view, an overhaul of the results display and added integration of Yelp to show reviews and photos.

The Wall Street Journal had previously announced that Yahoo was partnering with Yelp on local search, and now we can see the results.

The differences:

  • Map given much more prominence
  • Listings now highlight on map as you hover over results
  • Revamped styling on listings, review stars, etc.
  • Integration of Yelp reviews & photos on relevant listings

At the moment, Yahoo UK still has the same local offering, so we can get a clear comparison of the old / new.


Yahoo Updates Local Search Result Designs & Content - 0


Yahoo Updates Local Search Result Designs & Content - 1


Note that Yahoo has given much more space to the map, showing a much clearer presentation of local results. On the previous (UK) example we can see that the map is so small that the results are bunched up into one tiny area – not providing much use until the user manually zooms in.

On the listings to the left there is a clear 3 column format as follows:

‘business name & review stars’ | ‘street address’ | ‘telephone number’ 

Yahoo has also change the style of map marker, much more inline with the one used on Google, whilst the Yahoo review stars are now yellow, rather than red. If we click on the new Yahoo Local listings we can see the integration of Yelp reviews and photos:

Yahoo Updates Local Search Result Designs & Content - 2


Yahoo Updates Local Search Result Designs & Content - 3Other results only display Yahoo reviews, but this example clearly shows the Yelp integration with reviews and a selection of photos (above).

It’s also possible to filter by specific category and neighbourhood. In the example we searched for a dentist and by opening up the filter we can specify results from certain disciplines, as shown here (right).

The new Yahoo changes are much more in line with what Google offers on it’s local listings, with larger map, listings to the left – and even a very similar map marker (red for Google / purple for Yahoo).

It’s also interesting to note that Yahoo Canada has not been updated and still displays local results in it’s own style:

Yahoo Updates Local Search Result Designs & Content - 4


Yahoo Canada’s local results are of course powered by Yellow pages – a similar set-up is used for Yahoo Australia where a 3rd party provider displays local results. This of course means that Yahoo has multiple ways of displaying local results for the time being – something which is very different to Google where a uniform style is used throughout.

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