Google Business Profile Audit Testimonials

"The ability to provide a GBP Audit to a prospective client really works well. Brightlocal tools are excellent for my agency to monitor and provide ranking data to my clients."
Doug Ison
Senior Software Engineer, Coastal Clicks
"The GBP Audit tool provides a complete look at the health of all my clients' local profiles. We've found this to be extremely helpful in explaining the importance to the owners, fixing any issues, and providing real data on the performance of their profile."
JD Hilditch
CEO/Founding Partner, Voyage Media Works
"GBP Audit has been absolutely invaluable to our success on Google Business Profile. We would not be able to sign nearly as many clients as we do from Google Business Profile without GBP Audit."
Jeffrey Nadrich
Managing Partner, Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers
"The ability to view our ranking for keywords in a particular market as they would in that market is critical to our online marketing success!"
Cohen MacInnis
President, DermaEnvy Skincare
"The GBP Audit is great for keeping everything I need to know about a clients Google Business Profiles in one easy to navigate dashboard. The tool enables us to keep a close eye on listing rankings for specific keywords and can also see how our clients listings are compare to the competition. This helps us know if the current strategy is having the desired affect, or if it requires tweaking."
Edward Shadrake
Owner, Unearth
"Very simple to use and understand."
Frank Shapiro
Director, Pramaze
"The GBP Audit is great! It provides us and our clients with the info we/they need in a more refined way than GBP Insights."
Jim Froling
President, (949) Local Internet Marketing
"Very thorough, and accurate."
Tyson Downs
Owner, Titan Web Agency
"I really like the response rate and also the transparency the reports provide for clients."
Peter Dimaira
Owner, Local Business Marketing Service