Local Rank Tracker Testimonials

"BrightLocal's Local Rank Tracker has made the mundane and difficult job or reporting to clients so much easier and effortless."
Iman Bahrani
Managing Director, Searchical
"At Third Marble, we use the Local Rank Tracker to help develop lists of priority keywords for our clients pages. The main report is like a sandbox where you can enter as many keywords as needed and follow the progress of those keywords. Then you can create sub-lists of the keywords that you really want to track as the rankings improve. This feature is priceless. Thank you BrightLocal!"
Chris Fawcett
President, Third Marble Marketing
"It gives us an incredible snapshot of our franchise locations' local rankings. We can use the roll-up report to identify locations we need to help with their rankings."
Luke Hancock
Marketing Manager, Bin There Dump That
"The Local Rank Tracker lets me track important keywords for myself and for clients, and to see current status and trends at a glance."
Andre Palko
Owner, Success Publishing and Marketing
"It is pretty accurate and I love the screen capture which dissolve any misconception."
Mohammed Alami
SEO Consultant, Mozalami
"Local Rank Tracker within BrightLocal provides our team with at a glance insights on our client's individual locations and growth over time. We can argue that nearly every search has some degree of local intent associated to it, which means tracking at a more granular level is key. More importantly, having the visibility of rankings, over time, has become an invaluable asset to our team's reporting output."
Jason Dodge
CEO, BlackTruck Media + Marketing
"BrightLocal's Local Rank Tracker allows our clients to get a great overview of how well their keywords are ranking. By delivering a month on month historical overview the clients can see past trends while we focus on upcoming trends for them."
Ian Gerada
CEO, Connectica
"Best tool for driving and monitoring local ranking. Period!"
Ed Martin
Partner, LKN Images by Kathleen Martin Photography
"The Local Rank Tracker is a tool that we use weekly via the BrightLocal reports that are sent to us. Because our business has several locations, the report allows us to get an quick overview of the local rankings for each location, simplifying things and saving a great deal of time."
Julie Mancuso
Founder, JM Nutrition
"The Local Rank Tracker tool is the most concise I've found and it covers all search engine, maps and mobile."
Paul Wagstaff
Director, Cultivate Digital
"Besides the fact that it's the best tool on the market for tracking local search terms, I also like the fact that the it gives our agency the ability to be totally transparent. We give our clients access to the reports before and after we sign them up as a client. We use the report to sell them on our local SEO services then we use it to measure the success of our efforts. This one tool has not only closed a lot of deals for us but it justifies to our clients to remain with us. FYI: I have been with BrightLocal since early 2013."
Gary Downey
Founder & Owner, Restaurant Vantage
"We use Brightlocal for many things. The most important tool for us is the Local Rank Tracker and Local Search Audit. Both of these tools are foundational to our success as an agency."
David Gersh
President, Outreach Digital Marketing
"The live link is a great reporting option to show our clients live real time rank results and vs their competition."
Bryan Wilson
Partner l COO l VP of Search, Customer Scout, Inc.
"Local Rank Tracker makes it easy for us to showcase our SEO successes to our clients."
Justin Wilbern
Director of Technology, DIGI Search
"The tools are super helpful and very easy to use."
John G Leutermann
Owner, Big Rock Marketing
"The Local Rank Tracker tool has been amazing and we've been using it for a few years now. This tool saves us so much time and gives us exactly what we need to see in a quick snapshot. Kudos to the BrightLocal team for developing such an amazing product."
Jaye Cabreros
Founder, Haiku Steps Marketing
"Very accurate rankings for Google Maps and Google Organic for local businesses. Can't beat the amount of keywords it will track."
Justin Herring
Owner, YEAH! Local
"It's a lot of help when it comes to showing my clients results and monitoring the effects of my efforts and other changes such as algorithm updates."
Stuart Spade
Owner, Brewed Hospitality
"I use Local Rank Tracker to monitor our SEO rank positions for our keywords. I like that I can easily view the SERP page for each keyword, and that I can rerun this report as often as I wish."
Steven Smith
Marketing and Financial Officer, Petaluma Veterinary Hospital
"Gives more specific information about our ranking in each location than anything else we've seen quickly and conveniently."
Howard Kleinman
Digital Marketing Coordinator, Viking Pest Control
"The Local Rank Tracker allows me to keep a close eye on the visibility of my clients, which is super important to us!"
Michael Doran
Founder, Atlas Marketing Solutions
"I use BrightLocal's Local Rank Tracker on a daily basis for all of my local clients, and my favourite thing about it is how accurate the reported rankings are. Naturally as an SEO I regularly check tool data against real life examples and every time BrightLocal is spot on, especially compared to some of the more generic rank-tracking tools. The ability to dig down into specific towns and cities means you get accurate search volumes, accurate ranking data and can give clients a much better idea of how visible they are in their local area. Pair the rank tracker with the visuals from the Local Search Grid and you can't go wrong!"
Levi Williams-Clucas
Search Engine Optimization Manager, Hello Earth