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Local Search Grid Testimonials

"We've been BrightLocal fans for a long time and when Local Search Grid came out we just fell even more in love! Local Search Grid has allowed us to visually explain to clients how they're doing in the map pack. Its easy to use, affordable, and our clients love seeing their footprint expand with our SEO efforts."
Jonathan "Jono" Long
Owner, Faithworks Marketing
"Love the design and reporting functionality. We were one of the first marketing companies in the medical industry to use it. We started with LocalViking but switched to your platform as soon as you had it developed."
Adrian Lefler
Owner, My Social Practice
"The Local Search Grid is incredibly helpful to display rank data to clients in a way that makes sense."
Willy Evans
Director of SEO, Digital Division
"This tool is a great way to see our growth within a campaign and a very visual way to show it to clients that is easy to understand."
Grant Brott
Director of Strategy, Consultwebs
"Over the years, we have made great use of many BrightLocal's features, mainly the Rank Tracker, but we have recently come to appreciate the Local Search Grid! We love being able to show our clients on a granular level where their business is ranking locally."
Kymberly Daulton
Senior SEO Performance Specialist, Find8 Performance Marketing
"The Local Search Grid provides visual proof that our Local SEO marketing plan is working. The ability to deliver concrete evidence to our clients demonstrates that their investement is paying off."
Jeff Kelly
CEO, Assetlab
"I love how the Local Search Grid allows us to visualize the performance of individual locations and understand rankings in a wider context."
Sarah Johnson
Director of Customer Experience, NUVEW
"The Local Search Grid is easy to use and gives us additional insights into searches from specific locations. It lets us see what our clients' customers are seeing."
Nicole Wattam
Operations Manager, AMS Digital
"Local Search Grid is my favourite Bright Local tool. I love the visual result of the grid in particular but also it's super easy for anyone to understand...sometimes a quick loom showing a client the grid and they are sold!"
Jeanette Elton
Owner, Bloom Creative Design Ltd
"I find the Local Search Grid tool to be invaluable when it comes to assessing my client's GBP and local SEO performance against their competition. It goes hand in hand with the rest of the BrightLocal suite, and I use it every day. I can easily and quickly see where my clients stack up against their competitors in their specific areas without having to fumble around and manually search."
Aaron Callaway
Owner, Thunderhawk Solutions
"I love that it can show me the top 5 ROI keywords in a grid for my clients. We were using another tool that was costing a lot of money on a monthly basis for the same result."
Kevin Davis
Partner and Digital Marketing Director, The Harman Media & Marketing Group
"Its such a cool report clients aren't really familiar with, so it impresses them and new prospects as well. Gives us great ways to show how our Google Business Page optimizations are growing their presence."
Lane Rizzardini
Co-Owner, Marion Relationship Marketing
"The Local Search Grid tool allows us to show our clients exactly how they're ranking in their neighborhood and highlight the value of the SEO work we do for them."
Peter Wilson
"Since the majority of our SEO clients are local businesses, the local search grid has become of our agency's prime metrics to track. The Local Search Grid allows us to not only monitor how we're doing in gaining client rankings, but it also provides an easy-to-digest view of progress over time to our clients...nothing make our clients feel more happy than seeing more and more green dots appear on their their Local Search Grid."
Wes Foster
Founder & SEO Strategist,
"I love how I can set the grid size and check how my clients are ranking in the Local Pack for different keywords."
Kurt Lohmann
CEO/Founder, Engaged Digital Marketing
"This amazing tool helped me shift my focus from just trying to rank for keywords to trying to expand my radius/reach for those keywords which has proved to be very important. I had no clue you could even see this type data until I used this tool. It is amazing."
Matthew Hammerton
SEO, AZ Car Keys
"The output from this grid based local search tool is a visually straightforward representation of your local businesses area of influence in local search results. With a multi location business this is a really useful snapshot view of your local performance, especially useful when you have more than one location within any given area. The simple concept behind this highly visual output has gone down really well with senior leaders within the business who don't have a detailed understanding of local SEO metrics."
Angus Matthew
Group Marketing Manager, Orchard Care Homes
"I was so happy to see the addition of the Local Search Grid tool into the suite of BrightLocal products. A visual report showing 3-pack rankings on a grid over time is so powerful when reviewing local SEO results with clients."
Liz Eisworth
Founder and Owner, SangFroid Web, LLC
"The Local Search Grid Tool takes away any confusion about how local search actually works. Clients don't always understand that results can vary and how increasing their reach and visibility can have a dramatic impact on their business growth. This helps me demonstrate that investing in Local SEO will generate more leads and sales."
Mike Martens
Owner, Alien Run Inc.
"The Local Search Grid allows you to see how a business ranks locally on a more granular level, as well as discover local competitors and gain insights into what the competition is doing."
Brittany Hall
SEO Specialist, Precision Marketing Partners
"It is amazing to see actual geographical rank data on a micro or macro scale, depending on the business that you are working with. I love being able to adjust the number of data points and their proximity to each other."
David Solheim
Owner, Solheim Technologies, LLC
"This tool simplifies SEO for clients and makes it easy to understand across keyword searches."
Stephen Blanquie
Marketing Expert, Folk Life Creative LLC
"It helps us determine the ranking radius of the particular keyword."
Martin Dalziel
Owner, Creative Pixel Media
"It lets me know exactly where my clients are ranking in their particular area!"
Jamie Campany
Owner. BigMouth Media Inc.
"Quick and easy way to get a visual representation of local search ranking."
Chris London
Managing Director, Electrical Marketers
"This tool is extremely easy to read and allows you to see what areas you need to concentrate on."
Jesse Nicassio
CEO, Juke Performance
"Great quick way to get a snapshot of local coverage."
Mark Franklin
Owner, Start Recovery
"It is easily customizable and is great for looking at how I have performed month to month against my competitors."
Alex Hammond
Owner, Mount Pleasant Pressure Washing