Local Directory API

Local Directory API


Add local directory listing information for your own reports and SEO tools.

Find Potential Citations

Identify listings on top directories

Identify listings on the top 15+ local directories

Find Active Citations

Get URL for each directory listing

Get the listing URL for each local directory.

Latest Reviews & Ratings

Get important listing data

Get data like profile claimed, NAP, reviews & rating score

API Access & Pricing


API access is available to customers on our SEO Pro packages (having a subscription package is a requirement to use the API). API fees are paid in addition to monthly subscription fees.


API pricing is on a ‘per request’ basis (Request = 1 search term on 1 search engine). Price = US$0.01 per request. Example price: 50 search terms / 4 search engines: 50 x 4 = 200 requests x US$0.01 = $2

API keys & technical support

We issue you with a development API key which gives you access to our Rank Checker API plus all other BrightLocal APIs (1 key for all APIs). We can arrange a technical support call (developer-to-developer) so help you get set-up and to answer any questions.

Price per API request = $0.01 (volume discounts available)

See Full API Documentation

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