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Local SEO for Ukraine - LIVE

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Local Seo For Ukraine Blog Header

Thank you for attending Local SEO For Ukraine – LIVE!


Your support helped us raise a total of $32,732 from ticket sales! 

Thank you for your generous donations and for supporting our efforts to raise money for Ukraine. Funds from the event will go towards our target of $100,000 to buy urgent aid and supplies for the people of Ukraine.

If you’d like to donate again or want to follow our journey as we buy and transport aid from the UK, to Ukraine, please visit our GoFundMe page

On May 26, 2022, BrightLocal brought together the greatest minds in local SEO for a full day of info-packed talks, Q&As, and panels on a variety of local marketing topics.

The best bit? Every cent raised from tickets went to grassroots efforts to support the people of Ukraine during their time of incredible need.

Our Expert Speakers

Mike Blumenthal Near Media

Mike Blumenthal

Near Media, Leadferno

Claire Carlile

Claire Carlile


Joy Hawkins

Joy Hawkins

Sterling Sky, LocalU, Local Search Forum

Amanda Jordan Seo Expert

Amanda Jordan


Mike King Ipullrank Crop

Mike King



Elizabeth Linder

Kick Point

David Mihm

David Mihm

Near Media

Andrew Shotland

Andrew Shotland

Local SEO Guide

Krystal Taing Uberall

Krystal Taing


The Full Schedule

Photos, Their Impact and How To Maximize Their Value + Q&A

Mike Blumenthal (Near Media, Leadferno) and David Mihm (Near Media)


The Impact of Reviews on Your Business

Hosted by Myles Anderson (BrightLocal), with Mike Blumenthal, David Mihm, and Elizabeth Linder (Kick Point)


Building the Content Machine for Local

Mike King (iPullRank)


How To Get Clients on Board With a Local Link Building Strategy + Q&A

Elizabeth Linder (Kick Point)

The Quest for Total Domination: How To Complete a Competitor Audit + Q&A

Amanda Jordan (RicketyRoo)


Overcoming the Challenges of Local Landing Pages

Hosted by Claire Carlile (BrightLocal), with Krystal Taing (Uberall), Andrew Shotland (Local SEO Guide), and Amanda Jordan


5 Google Business Profile Elements You Might Not Know About but Really Should + Q&A

Claire Carlile (BrightLocal)


The State of Spam Fighting: What We Learned From Analyzing 5,306 Listings in 16 Industries + Q&A

Joy Hawkins (Sterling Sky, LocalU, Local Search Forum)

Why Ukraine?

You’ll no doubt be aware of the horrific events continuing to unfold in the country, but our close connection to Ukraine has made us particularly aware of the toll the war is taking on its people—our people.

The battle for survival is a daily routine in eastern Ukraine and the need for medical and humanitarian supplies for both civilians and the army is greater than ever before. Many of our team members are volunteering on a daily basis to raise funds, organize supplies and get them delivered to where they are most needed. It’s humbling to hear their stories and see the incredible contribution they are making.

That’s why we’re pulling out all the stops to bring our audience together for an unforgettable campaign that truly makes a difference. 

Bl Ukraine Fundraiser Img 1

Is that all?

Heck, no! This is just the start. This virtual event forms just one part of our campaign to raise $100k for Ukraine. You can find out more about what we have planned for the funds we raise below. You can even track our progress via our dedicated GoFundMe page.

Please help up reach our target of $100k for Ukraine by donating below or sharing the campaign.

With every dollar you donate, we’ll match it. Buying a $100 ticket means $200 with go towards providing families in need with urgent and necessary supplies.

  • A $25 ticket feeds and supports a family of four for 2 days
  • A $50 ticket feeds and supports a family of four for 4 days
  • A $75 ticket feeds and supports a family of four for 6 days
  • A $100 ticket feeds and supports a family of four for 8 days

Please do what you can to share the word about the conference and campaign, and follow the campaign with #LocalSEOforUkraine.

Help us raise $100k for Ukraine

Where Will the Funds Go?

All proceeds will go towards grassroots efforts to support the citizens of Ukraine

Our Ukrainian team is already working directly with local volunteer groups to organize and distribute food, sanitation, and medical aid to those in the most affected towns and cities across Ukraine.

The funds raised will buy more essential supplies to transport to the volunteer warehouses in western Ukraine. We’ll match every dollar or pound raised, so you know your money is having double the impact! 

The supplies will be driven by BrightLocal team members and handed to volunteers at the border for onward transport.

We will monitor and report on the progress of the aid as it makes its journey from the UK to Ukraine, so you can see exactly where your money is going and when it reaches those in need.

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